Top 7 Trending Crazy and Hilarious TikTok Challenges of 2019 for You to Try

Unless you have been hibernating inside a cave or were in a coma. You might have heard of TikTok and TikTok challenges spreading like wildfire. Well if you haven’t had a chance all you need to do is just go to Google Play Store and search for TikTok and download the app. You will need to login on TikTok in order to be able to enjoy its reach content or create one yourself. Once you are on the platform you will be able to witness millions and millions of creative and hilarious short videos uploaded by users every day. You can also contribute to the platform by making and uploading your own short videos. Also, if you are interested, you can take part in different TikTok challenges as well.

TikTok is basically an open platform. The app allows its users to make and upload short 15 second videos. Users can showcase their creativity and skills. The users have access to millions of music tracks to choose from in order to make their videos appealing. TikTok users have access to a wide range of TikTok video editing tools and filters on the TikTok camera. All these things come handy in creating an amazing TikTok video that is liked and shared by people.

Recently TikTok challenge videos have attracted a lot of attraction over the internet. If you are already on TikTok then you might have already known how crazy and satisfying these challenge videos can get. Today we are going to list out the top 7 craziest and hilarious TikTok challenges. Ones that are trending at the moment. Here below is the list of challenges that you need to look out for in TikTok.

#2spooky Challenge

#2spooky challenge

How about you dancing on a spooky number and not just any dance but dance as if you were a scary skeleton. Sounds crazy right? Well, not anymore cuz the #2spooky challenge is here to entertain you. The #2spooky challenge is a Halloween theme dancing challenge. People upload their videos dancing on a spooky, scary skeleton number by Andrew Gold. The challenge is a hit among TikTok users. Thousands of videos with #2spooky have been uploaded in recent times. If you like to dance then give this challenge a try and see how people respond to your spooky scary skeleton dance.

Total views on TikTok: 195.9 M

#theants Challenge

#theants challenge

Can you imagine yourself being an ant? Well, this is what #theants challenge is all about. You can make use of creative filters available for the challenge to turn yourself into an ant. There is no other sense to this challenge rather than turning into ants whenever you feel like one. The #theants challenge is a new trend in TikTok where you can see people turning into ants in their videos. So if you want to look like an ant, just use a creative filter to look like one.

Total views on TikTok: 245.3 M

#chaoticenergy Challenge

#chaoticenergy challenge

We all have gone through situations where our chaotic energy comes to play. This is what the #chaoticenergy challenge is all about. People upload videos on the situations when their chaotic energy runs wild all of a sudden. It has become a hit and hundreds of videos are being uploaded every day with the hashtag. If you are good at imagining things and know how chaotic energy works give this challenge a try. Upload your own version of the challenge.

Total views on TikTok: 343.7 M

#inthecrowd Challenge

#inthecrowd challenge

This challenge asks users to use creative effects to showcase what one feels like when in the crowd. Be it feeling left out in the crowd or going crazy or losing yourself to the music. Or you wondering how you got there in the first place. You can find tons of videos uploaded with the hashtag. The videos showcase how people actually feel using creative effects on their videos. This challenge is a hit and trending currently. You can also participate in the challenge and express how you feel in the crowd. All you need to do is add creative filters to your videos.

Total views on TikTok: 484.1 M

#delayed Challenge

#delayed challenge

It is another challenge where users use creative filters in their videos. To showcase what happens when their life is delayed. The creative filter allows users to create a multiple image effect to their videos. These filters help in expressing their real-life situations. Many videos have been uploaded with the #delayed and the challenge. You can also take part in the #delayed challenge by using creative filters in your videos.

Total views on TikTok: 664.9 M

#petsoftiktok Challenge

#petsoftiktok challenge

TikTok is not just a platform for people only. There are many cute and funny pets out there on the platform. The #petsoftiktok challenge is meant for featuring one’s pets in the TikTok videos. The challenge encourages users to show whatever pets they have. Be it a perfectly trained pooch or a hopping mad bunny. TikTok users have warmheartedly accepted the #petsodtiktok challenge. You can find lots and lots of videos uploaded with the hashtag. Or you can join the party and showcase your own pet’s amazing and uncommon skills in the videos.

Total views on TikTok: 1.3 B

#ukcomedy Challenge

#ukcomedy challenge

The #ukcomdey challenge encourages the users to show their mischevious, prankster side. The TikTok users are asked to upload their non-lipsync comedy videos with the #ukcomedy. A lot of videos have been uploaded with the hashtag where people play pranks on others. The #ukcomedy is a massive hit at the moment and is trending at the moment. If you are someone who likes to be mischevious and play pranks on others all the time, you can also upload your videos with the hashtag and join the fun.

Total views on TikTok: 2.7 B

The TikTok challenges listed above are crazily unique. People are going crazy about them. Thousands of videos might be uploaded in response to a single challenge video. These challenge videos can have millions of views collectively. This shows how fond people are in making and watching such videos on the platform. Make sure you watch out for these hilarious and crazy TikTok challenges. And have a good time TikToking.

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