TikTok: Top 20 Amazing TikTok Creators

In the past year if any social media platform has been able to make the funniest and amusing video then it’s TikTok. So many funny videos have gone viral in TikTok. People are showing their proper comic timing and comedy skill in TikTok now. The only thing you need to do is grab your phone and download TikTok and signup for your profile. TikTok sets you on the journey of fun, laughter, and giggling. It’s amazing as there are so many comedians in TikTok and they can perform the act and make you laugh. The comedians in TikTok seem to be careless about their self-image. They don’t fear to be a meme in this world full of memer, critics and, negative comments and reviews.

TikTok is still a new mobile application. People share their skills, talent, and short videos full of lip-syncing and comedy videos. TikTok is famous for sharing your talent which can be anything like singing, dancing, fitness, gymnastics, magic, and comedy. The most promising thing about TikTok is it provides viewers to the users. There was an empty space in our heart for vine videos as it was killed 2 years ago. But on the plus side, TikTok filled the void left by vines. TikTok users are now leaning into short vine types videos leaving the roots of cringy lipsync and crazy dance videos. Most of the comedians in TikTok are not famous celebrities, they are common people who are known to the world by TikTok.

These common celebrities are getting known and in the World due to TikTok. Some have even earned their separate identity and separate fan base. Their video lasts for 15 seconds which is double vine videos. The sarcastic videos and quick edits give the vibe of Vine videos. These TikTok creators show us something more than Lipsync and Dance videos. Why don’t you check them down?

1. @SsquonkK


This was fun to make #meme #foryoupage #dank #cancan #bigyeet

♬ Can Can – ssquonkk

SsquonkK is one of the emerging TikTok stars. He already has his separate fan base in the Twitter and Youtube world. People think it’s easy to be a memer and comedian but it’s not. Comic timing and some serious editing skills are what you need to pull off this kind of job and SsquonkK has it? This guy is a good editor and has some keen sense of music and a dry sense of humor.

TikTok Followers: 14.5k followers

2. @Alaina Hatsune


#meme #ew #wtf #vineenergy

♬ original sound – alainahatsune

Alaina Hatsune is one of the funniest girls in TikTok. She makes faces that are damn funny and are meme-able. She can write stories and can plot the comic at the right time. The effects and skits used are hilarious and will make you laugh till you roll in the ground.

TikTok Followers: 291k followers

3. @Codywantstodie


#duet with punker_irl Ive always wanted to duet this omg #fyp#halloween#costume#cosplay#foryoupage#foryou#corpsebride#makeup

♬ Tears to Shed – Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Soundtrack-Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Horrocks And Enn Reitel

Cody wants to die as an emerging TikTok creator. Her wicked hairstyle and funny lipsync are funny. Most of her videos are lipsyncs and she happens to her videos in a fun way.

TikTok Followers: 22.9k followers

4. @ihateschoolkms


Ik every dad out there does this

♬ Calvin Cambridge – SOB x RBE

Ihateschoolkms is a young emerging TikTok star. This dude follows the classic Vine style. Most of his videos are like vines. His videos portray the problem faced by a common youngster going on the school. You will see him mostly playing double roles as his mom, dad. Or a teacher which is funny.

TikTok Followers: 90.6k followers.

5. @TerinTino


i wish this was a joke

♬ The Months of the Year – The Kiboomers

Terin is the youngest TikTok creator. Most of his videos touch the young viewers as he makes short lipsync videos. You will see him poking various problems faced in young life like anxiety, school, and acne. He has been able to win the heart of many viewers with his witty videos and the chocolate boy looks.

TikTok Followers: 1.2M followers.

6. @Lgima.RIley


My favourite person hasn’t been texting and I got bored

♬ Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

The best feature a comic can have is a lack of self-image and awareness. She seems to be so driven in her craft that she doesn’t care what others think. The only motive she has is to make you smile. Her goofy moves and content are very hilarious and interesting for a short video. She tends to make fun of herself by making different body gestures and faves which is really funny. Follow her to laugh and giggle.

TikTok followers; 42.7k followers

7. @Colehersch



♬ original sound – cole.hersch

Well, some people are naturally funny and they tend to make you smile in a different way. In the TikTok world if there’s someone who should be called a natural comic then it’s Colehersch. Coles’s topic and contents are generally different and he makes you smile with that awkward yet funny look on his face. Follow Cole if you want to tune in some funny videos and vines.

TikTok Followers; 292.4k Followers

8. @kaila


Does your dog ever just 👁👹

♬ not the yuddas – sellnudes4robux

Kaila is one of the prettiest and funniest TikTok video creators in the TikTok universe. She seems to have a very unusual talent. Most of her short videos are lip-sync but the cherry on the cake is her facial expressions. She has a weird way of making people laugh and cringe with her facial expression. Maybe some people are god gifted with their talents like Kaila. She likes to surprise you with her unusual gimmick change in the video.

TikTok Followers; 26k followers.

9. @TootyMcNooty


Watch out people of #Miami, I’m coming for them CROCCS 🐊 (I’m also doing a meet n’ greet this Saturday, so stay tuned for more!)

♬ Freddie Dred Opaul – axel_devine

Most comedians tend to entertain people with their expressions, jokes, and moves but TootyMcNooty (Lulu) is different. She tends to make people laugh with her animation and the creation of different pitches and setups. Her animated cartoons are really funny and you won’t regret watching her videos.

TikTok Followers; 3.4M Followers.

10. @JustSul


Share & say nothing 😂🤫

♬ original sound – justsul

Sul is the viral star of TikTok. There might not be a person who doesn’t knows Sul. He has made TikTok videos with famous Vine and Bollywood stars. Sul has been famous for his comparison videos for celebrities and stars like Kim Kardashian, Curtis Jackson, and Billie Eilish. He has been used as a meme and fun by people and Vine makers to shine again in the TikTok world.
TikTok Followers; 1.2M Followers.

11. @James Henry


Neighborhood not so nice after all 😂😂 dreaknowsbest montanatucker theevelyngonzalez #everwonder #喜剧 #코메디

♬ Follow me – userconnorw

James Henry is one of the top funny YouTubers in TikTok. The best thing about him is his gang with whom he makes funny videos. Unlike other TikTok stars, you won’t see him dancing and singing alone in his videos. He’s good at writing funny pitches backed up by right comic timing and hilarious dialogues and catchphrases. His videos are full of jokes, comic steups, and traveling where you can’t stop to laugh.

TikTok followers; 2.6M followers.

12. @ZachKing


Thanks to terrycrews I’m still crushing my New Years resolution #workout #gymlife

♬ original sound – zachking

Zach King is also one of the famous YouTuber celebrity in the TikTok Community. He is a famous magician and comic who knows how to combine them both in a plot for a hilarious video. He seems to have a smooth flow in his videos where people get entertained. His magic tricks are mind-wobbling and amazing. If you are into magic and vines you shall follow Zach King.

TikTok Followers: 32.1M followers.

13. Mia Rodriguez


tag a friend who’s ever made these excuses HAHAHHA

♬ Delfino Plaza but progressive bass boost – .hacky

Mia Rodriguez is one of the talented and emerging TikTok video creators. She is also active on YouTube and she also writes and sings her song. Mia is a versatile personality as she is also a good comic. She likes to make lipsync, dance, and funny videos. You can tune into her TikTok profile for a good time.

TikTok Followers: 2M followers.

14. @Kyle Shaffer


WHAT HAVE I DONE 🤪 reaganxo enochtrue

♬ original sound – kyle.shaffer

Kyle Shaffer is an emerging TikTok star, he’s also famous on Instagram. This guy has a funny nature and likes to goof around with his friends and family. He likes to make funny videos on weight issues. Most of his videos are full of lip-syncing, dance, and comedy. He’s not among the list of the top funnies but that doesn’t mean he’s not funny.

TikTok followers; 1.7M followers.

15. Hold the elevator


What are boobs? 🤔 #funny #foryou #draft

♬ original sound – holdtheelevator

HoldTheElevator is one of the creative comedians in the TikTok world. HoldTheElevator is a man of different characters. Hold plays different characters in a hilarious way. He is good at showing different jokes and plots which are funny and humorous. In the above video, you will see a funny conversation between son and father about boobs and whose gay. The conversation is hilarious and he knows to write scripts and plays which makes his audience laugh.

TikTok Followers; 805.1K Followers

16. @juiceesaft


Therapy session

♬ original sound – juiceesaft

Some people are natural comics they just tend to make you laugh with less effort. Such comics are hard to find but don’t worry we have the juice to make you giggle and laugh at his absurd comic timing and jokes. Juice play’s with his characters and writes some unique stories and conversations which are funny. Tune into Juice TikTok profile to follow him.

17. @kingbach


Bad Boy For Life 🔥🔥🔥 willsmith

♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

Kingbach is the first generation vine star and a famous YouTube celebrity. He has a silly face which makes you smile when he expresses his ridiculous expressions and tongue movement. He’s got a gan of friends with whom he makes TikTok videos but you will also see him making videos alone. King Bach has a bunch of celebrity companions with whom he shares screen on the TikTok videos. Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, and Hanna Stoking are some of his TikTok companions.

TikTok Followers; 319.7K followers.

18. Hannah Stocking


When your crush says ur not his type…. 😭😤

♬ Hard Times by Paramore – janapaige

Seems like the Vine stars are on a mission to keep the vine alive through TikTok videos. Hannah is one of the craziest goofy people, you will see on the TikTok world. Most of the girls hide their craziness but Hannah’s not the one to hide. She’s got no problem to show her strange and funny behavior in the TikTok videos. She has her own gang with whom she used to make vine videos and she sticks with them like glue because they are friends for life.

TikTok Followers; 5M Followers.

19. @LelePons


When your sibling doesn’t have any hot friends anwar adamw

♬ Que Tire Pa Lante – Daddy Yankee

VIne Stars are making it big in TikTok and one of them is the former vine star, Lele Pons. Lele Pons is highly energetic and hilarious in her videos. She knows what makes you smile and her videos are funny and relative. Most people have faced some circumstances show in her videos. Her videos are of the slapstick comedy genre and it’s damn funny.

TikTok Followers; 4M Followers.

20. Anwar Jibawi


That one fly that won’t stop bugging 🦟😂 #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – anwar

Anwar Jibawi is one of the finest Vine Star and he’s big on YouTube also. You will find his videos different from other Vine and TikTok videos. He likes to play the role of a beta male in his videos which makes his comic unique. His videos remind you of slapstick comedy genres and you can trust in his capabilities to make you laugh out loud (lol).

TikTok Followers; 4.1M Followers.

The introduction of TikTok has given a platform to talent like these comedians. Comedians like these can show their talent and earn some name and fame through TikTok. Creators don’t need huge setups for making a video in TikTok and it also provides viewers. These creators can get the opportunity as their talent gets marketized.

I hope you like my post and I will appreciate your comments and feedbacks. I will be back with an awesome blog.

Thank you.

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