TikTok: Top 10 Most Followed Guys On TikTok

Top 10 most followed tiktok guys...

TikTok is currently the most popular social media platform for teenagers. It is turning out to be one huge talent magnet. Attracting all kinds of talents on the platform. You will be amazed by the sheer number of videos available on the platform. TikTok has become a go-to place for everyone. People with exceptional talents, and those who have none and still manage to post some hilarious videos.

The platform is literally filled with talents of all kinds ready to be picked at any time. It would be justified to say that TikTok is cultivating and promoting talents worldwide. The platform is turning ordinary into extraordinary. People with no name are finding name and fame through the platform. One could also say that TikTok is creating its own celebrities.

Today we shall look into some of the popular TikTok celebrities(guys). Those who have managed to break the internet many times around with their TikTok videos. These TikTok celebrities are also among the most followed TikTok personalities and happen to be men. Some of them are listed as the handsome hunks of TikTok as well.

But before we continue you might as well be interested in watching some of the hottest and prettiest girls on TikTok in action.

Here is the list of some most-followed TikTok boys. Have a look below:

1. Zach King(@zachking)


What can I say, museums make me hungry ##art ##museum ##painting ##snack ##magic

♬ original sound – zachking

Zachary Michael King is a famous TikTok magician. He is world-renowned for his magic vine and TikTok magic videos. He is an American vine star and a TikTok celebrity. Zach creates six seconds long video which is digitally edited to show as if he is performing a magic trick. He calls his videos a digital sleight of hands. He is also a famous filmmaker and a youtube personality.

Unlike other TikTok stars who are famous mostly for creating lip-sync or dancing videos, he creates magic videos. If you go through his profile on TikTok, you’ll see lots of magic trick videos. TikTok provides him with a platform where he can present his talents. He has been able to captivate his audiences. Through his magic videos and lots of people love him and follow his account. Lots of users follow his account so that they would not miss any of his videos. He has more than 32 million TikTok follows on his account.

2. Riyaz Aly(@riyaz.14)


Kheech ke 🔥😂 ##goabeach ##riyaz ##duetwithriyaz ##loveyouall

♬ original sound – Monu Ali Khan

Riyaz Aly is an Indian actor, influencer, and also a TikTok star. He is also a well-known fashion blogger. Riyaz is only 15 years but has established himself on lots of social platforms.

Talking about his TikTok success, he is popular for lip-syncing videos on the platform. He is one of the active TikTok users who always go with trends. Ryaz often features other popular TikTok stars in his videos. His duo videos with other TikTok celebrities are much appreciated and loved by his fans and followers.

Ryan can also be seen with his sister in some of his videos. He is followed by about 27.3 million users on TikTok. He has managed to achieve an impressive 1163.8 million likes from his videos.

3. Gilmher Croes(@gilmhercroes)


Coronavirus in Italy got us like!😨 @jaydencroes @justmaiko

♬ Attention by Todrick Hall – xoprinceali

Gilmher Croes is a social media star and popular TikTok creator. He is the older half of the popular Croes brothers. He started his social media journey in 2015. Gilmher has established himself as a social media influencer.

Talking about his TikTok success, he is one of the most followed TikTok creators on the platform. He is known for his signature duo videos and his lipsyncing videos.

You can also see him performing on duo videos along with his younger Jayden Croes. He is loved and appreciated by his followers from around the world. He has more than 23 million followers on his TikTok account so far.

4. Jacob Sartorius(@jacobsartorius)


Finally back home 😂 (follow my instagram – jacobsartorius)

♬ roxanne but she got soft – goalsounds

Jacob is 17 years old TikToker and a social media personality. He is a singer by profession and an internet personality. Jacob is also listed on a group of famous personalities on the internet. He started his social media journey from musical.ly. He soon got popular on the platform. Now that the platform has been renamed TikTok, he is enjoying his popularity on TikTok as well.

Sartorius is a popular creator on TikTok and is well known for his dance and lip-sync videos. He can be seen performing with his girlfriend in his videos. He has earned about 22 million followers in TikTok.

5. Awez Darbar(@awezdarbar)


Acha karo, aapke sath bhi acha hi hoga 😇 ##Karma ##PayItForward ##Atrangz ft. @anammidarbar @shezaanshaikh18

♬ original sound – Awez Darbar

Awez Durbar is a dance choreographer and also a popular TikTok creator. He is famous for his self choreographed TikTok videos on the platform. You can see him dancing alongside popular Bollywood divas in his videos.

Darbar’s mostly uploads group dance videos that usually follow the changing trend. So, he rarely misses any trending challenges or songs. He is among active TikTok users and has about 22 million followers so far.

6. Jayden Croes(@jaydencroes)


Free concert😂 @justmaiko

♬ Baby One More Time – corynation

Jayden Croes is the younger half of the popular social media personality Gilmher Croes. He is a talented young guy with a huge fan following on the platform.

Jayden is equally popular on other social networking sites such as Youtube and Instagram. He along with his brother runs a Youtube channel which is hugely popular. He has earned more than 19 million followers on his TikTok account.

7. Brent Rivera(@brentrivera)


Send this to your best friend 😍🤣

♬ original sound – jjustindanehower

Brent Rivera is an American actor and a social media personality. He is also among popular TikTok creators on the platform. He is famous for his TikTok challenges videos and his lip-sync videos on the platform.

Braven is also known for his funny TikTok videos made with his friends. He is also famous for his acting career. His TikTok journey seems to be so good going that he is active in TikTok. He has more than 21 million TikTok followers in his TikTok account.

8. Cameron Dallas(@camerondallas)


Surprised my bubsss for Valentine’s Day 🤎madisynmenchaca

♬ original sound – camerondallas

Cameron Dallas is an actor, singer, and a famous internet personality. He first came into the limelight when his pictures on Instagram went viral. Thus earning him more than 21 million followers on his Instagram account.

Talking about his acting career, he starred in an AwesomenessTV comedy film Expelled by the movie ‘The Outfield’.

Cameron, however, started his social media career from the vine. Later he found fame with the popular social media platform Instagram and now TikTok. Now he has more than 17 million followers in TikTok.

9. Lucas and Marcus(@dobretwins)


This was awesome ❤️😂 THANKS FOR 20 MILLION!!!

♬ ROXANNE – Arizona Zervas

The Dobre twins are an American dancing duo. The twin brothers Lucas and Marcus make a great team. They share amazing dancing videos on the platform. They are only 10 years old. Their TikTok videos comprise of comedic skits, pranks, gymnastics, and vlogs. They present duo videos rather than singles.

The Dobre Twins are equally popular on other socializing platforms such as youtube. They rose to prominence on the video application Vine. The Dobre twins have managed to gain more than 19 million followers on the TikTok platform.


Breaking into the TikTok Hype House! Full video on YouTube! YouTube : Lucas and Marcus

♬ original sound – dobretwins

10. Arhan Khan(@luckydancer5454)


❤️I’m right? #teamlucky #luckydancer #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Shoaib_pathan

Arhan Khan is a popular TikTok creator from India. He is nicknamed Lucky Dancer on TikTok. Arhan started his career as a model and later become an actor. He is now one of the most followed TikToker from India.

Arhan is popular for his acting and lip-syncing videos on the platform. He is highly active on the platform. Khan keeps uploading his videos on a regular basis. This has earned him a huge fan base on the platform. He has more than 15 million followers on the platform.

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