Top 10: Most Amazing, Weird, Funny TikTok Videos To Watch…

TikTok is a short mobile video-sharing app. It allows users to make a 15 seconds long video and share it on the platform for others to watch. TikTok users make use of the TikTok camera. To create oddly satisfying videos within the time frame. The TikTok videos are weird and at the same time mind-boggling. It is no longer only limited to lip-sync, and dance videos like The platform has a wider scope now. It allows users to showcase their creativity in an unimaginable way possible.

The TikTok videos are not only limited to the platform only. In fact, many of the TikTok videos go viral over other socializing platforms. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and video platform YouTube. So, even if you are not on the platform you can still enjoy a healthy dose of amazing and creative TikTok videos elsewhere. But if you yearn for more or want to make videos of your own. You can always visit the Play Store and download the app for free. So, make sure you download the app and make the most out of it. And If you need any help regarding the TikTok signup process click here to know more.

Once you are on the platform you will be amazed by the rich content that it has to offer. You will come across tens of thousands of videos be it dancing and singing. Or videos showing creativity, art, pranks, memes, challenges on the platform. Of all the videos available out there, some you might like a little, some you might like more. Some you might like the most and some others that you dislike. As a beginner, you will not know what to look for in the platform. You might have a hard time until the Artificial Intelligence System kicks in. And adjusts the platform according to your preferences. So, to make things easier for you, we have selected a few videos. These videos will help you to understand the available content on the platform.

  1. That Feeling when Your Feet Leave The Ground

Have you ever experienced your feet leaving the ground or you floating in the air? Well, I do quite often when am super excited or in a good mood. It feels awesome right. Most of us experience such amazing feelings when our senses get emotionally challenged. Our heart controls our mind which is quite the opposite most of the time. This video is a compilation of such amazing moments in people’s lives.

2. Oddly Satisfying

When I said TikTok is not just a platform for lip-syncing and dance videos anymore, by that I meant this. TikTok is basically a hub for exploring one’s creativity and presenting it to the world.

3. They Say Curiosity is Father of Invention

Have you ever thought about using things for a whole different proposes? Are you filled with crazy ideas to try out and test them in real life? So, how about you try listening to music from your phone using a stereoscope instead of an earphone? This is what it truly means to be out of the world genius.

4. Try Pulling This Prank With Your Friends

When you are with your best buddies, there is never a dull moment. Especially when you have a prankster in your gang. Playing a prank on others might not be considered rocket science. Yet one needs to time his/her moves to successfully execute one. Don’t believe my words then try it out for yourself.

5. When They Say Timing Is Everything. They Don’t Lie Though…

Pets are cute, adorable and full of surprises. And if you are creative enough to showcase their talents then they can do more than that. This is the reason why pets are so popular on the platform. The reaction and timing of the puppy make this video so special. Make sure you watch it.

6. Nobody Told Me That One Could Spin Not One Not Two Not Three But Four Basketballs At A Time

In this video, a TikTok user who goes by the name @fsbbtricks showcases his amazing skills. He spins not one not two not three but four basketballs at a time. Unbelievable right, watch the video to believe your eyes.

7. Ever Tried Trapping The Sun in The Plam Of Your Hand?

Is it really possible to trap the mighty Sun within the palm of your tiny hands? Not really, right? But we can still make it possible with the help of some special effects available today. This is exactly what a TikTok user named @jared.vandermeer has made it look like. In his video where he traps the Sun with the palm of his hand. You will be amazed by how he does that.

8. Warning: Get Ready For The Unexpected Surprise

Before watching this video make sure your heart is strong enough to withstand the shock. One that you are about to get. This video shows how a cute little crabby could possibly give you a sudden surprise. When you try to be friends with it.

9. Next level of Ingenuity: Egg-cellent work

If you think you have seen enough of creative videos on TikTok, you might be wrong. Cuz TikTok is full of out of the box creative video contents. And no matter how many you might have watched already, this video is surely going to make you think around.

10. This Might Be The Cutest Thing On The Internet You Will Probably See Today.

When I say cutest, I mean it most of the time. This is truly one of the cutest TikTok videos that you will come across on the platform at the moment. This adorable cute little pinkish piglet chewing noodles will surely make your day.

All the above TikTok videos are super amazing and can work as a stress reliever. At times when you watch them after a long tiring day. So sit back and make sure you watch all the videos above. If you like to watch such similar videos you can always look for more in the TikTok mobile app. Or in other socializing platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

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