TikTok: #WaitASecondToReflect Challenge

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If you are being bombarded by thousands and thousands of memes, challenges, and hashtag videos every second. Congratulations you are on TikTok. The new sensation among social media culture is here. It is growing its reach. Expanding its territory and encapsulating youths across the globe. Talking about its present position, it is currently the fastest growing social media platform. The app has been downloaded more than a billion times worldwide. It has more than 500 million active users across 150 countries. The app has been translated into 75 different languages. More than 60 percent of the users are of age 16-24 years. Thus we can say youths are the driving factor of the now popular app TikTok

The short mobile video app which allows users to record and share 15-60 seconds long videos is a dynamic one. The platform keeps changing and likewise the trend changes as well. Here everyone is a creator and all of them contribute to the platform. It is a new favorite hub for social media influencers from across platforms. These influencers also happen to be the primary trendsetters. TikTok trends include challenges, memes, and hashtags. Over the past few years, most of the challenge videos have made it big on the platform. People go to lengths for such challenge videos. Their primary motive is gaining much exposure through participation in Trending TikTok challenges. And going viral on the platform overnight.

This action has lead to some lousy culture taking shape over time. People now think anything and everything is acceptable but it is not the case. As a result, people are destroying social values in the name of challenges and memes. This mixed culture is a threat to our societies and humanity as a whole. We should take our time to realize the whole situation before jumping into it blindly. Going with the flow is one thing and destroying social values and norms in the process in another. So it is up to you to decide whether you choose to follow a trend that engulfs everything in its path. Or create a new one that will reform and remake everything that has been destroyed before.

At times where TikTok challenges keep popping up for completely wrong reasons. There are a few that are actually directed towards the right direction. Among such challenges is a new challenge that is trending on TikTok. And other social media platform for all good reasons is #WaitASecondToReflect challenge. This challenge is particularly targeted for India’s growing digital population. It is forcing them to think before they act recklessly. It is based on three basic principles. They are Post no evil, Share no evil and Comment no evil. The challenge, however, is a great approach by TikTok. It should be promoted worldwide encouraging the TikTok users to take a moment to pause and think.

The Three Basic Principles Explained:

  • Post no evil: The first thing that users should avoid at any cost is posting something bad on the platform. Having the freedom to make and post anything doesn’t give you the leverage. To post something that might hurt other people’s sentiments. One should always be considerate towards others’ sentiment and respect them. There should be a self-restrictions abiding the individuals. One doesn’t get punished by Law for posting improper videos doesn’t mean you are right to do so. Directing one’s creativity in the right direction is a must.
  • Share no evil: The second important thing to consider is not to share something bad. Something that you might come across on the platform and other social media sites. When you share something bad which you find to be funny or amusing on the platform. That too without actually thinking about the consequences, you are promoting bad things. This will eventually bring disaster for oneself because Karma is never deceived. There are many times when TikTok videos get viral all of a sudden for wrong reasons. This is actually a bad influence on the mass. Activities as such should never be performed by anyone in any state of mind.
  • Comment no evil: The third most important thing to keep in mind is not to badmouth other’s contents. There are many people out there who take privilege in making negative comments on others. But have you ever realized what it would feel like if someone else were to do the same thing to you? So, even if you believe that someone’s way of doing things is not correct. You are in no place to judge them and make bad comments. This is the whole idea of the #WaitASecondToReflect challenge on TikTok is about. To make people take their time to self-realize and act more responsively.

Here are some of the inspiring videos on #waitasecondtoreflect challenge…

Is It Worth Our Efforts?

Certainly yes, it is worth taking time to self-actualize. Be a better person and use the platform more responsibly. A better trend is what we need at the moment. And TikTok challenges like these will set a better example for the future generation. A simple step as such can be more effective while taken collectively.


TikToking can become addictive to some, especially for underage children and teenagers. They are more likely to become addicted to the freedom they get on the platform. Parents’ guidance is a most. The sorts of contents they come across on the platform should promote internet culture in a good way. A good motivational TikTok challenge can shape them to become a better person in the future. So, being a part of an emerging social media platform, we should act responsibly. And set good examples for the upcoming generations. There is no harm in doing the right thing occasionally.

As teenagers, we might as well have been influenced by mixed internet culture at some point. As such that we started neglecting what was right and started doing bad things. If that is the case then we all should find time to self-actualize and reform our stand. We should start doing things in a proper way. Participate in the TikTok challenge #WaitASecondToReflect. And take a step in the right direction. It asks us to think twice before we act recklessly. If we direct our efforts in the right direction, we can make a difference and impact the people around us in a good way. So next time you think of posting a video or share it or make a comment on the platform, take your time to realize.

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