TikTok: Viral Skull Breaker Challenge Unsafe For Children

We can find a lot of trending challenges in social media these days. And most of us, including the youths and the children of today, are fond of it. TikTok is one of the most popular applications worldwide. It is a platform for people to showcase their talents, new challenges, or fun activities and get viral on the web.

There are many willing to follow the trend and take on the challenges for entertainment purposes. For example, some people love to try new dance moves or stunt that seems fun and entertaining and they definitely go for it. So, there are a number of fantastic challenges we could try. But what we need to understand is that some of them can come with a threat too.

Here I am going to introduce to you the trending challenge that has become dangerous and disturbing. It is popular among youngsters and a topic of concern for parents. It goes by the name the “skull breaker challenge.” The name itself is frightening, to begin with.

What’s a Skull Breaker Challenge?

The skull break challenge was originally introduced in Spain and went viral on the platform. It requires three participants who stand alongside each other in a row and need to jump together in the air. But it’s just a decoy play. The real game here is that the two people standing on the side intend to make a fool out of the middle one. So, when the middle one jumps, the other two standing by the sides trip him/her by kicking on their feet. The kick makes the person in the middle lose their balance and fall on their back.

We know when we trip and fall hard on our back, it results in severe back injury, head fracture, and bones to crack, or even worse. This seems more like a prank on the person standing in the middle who is not fully aware of the challenge. The challenge is also known as the “tripping jump challenge”. This prank can result in severe injuries or even worse. Yes, the skull breaking challenge can lead to head injuries, breakage of neck and bones as well as death.

The Negative Impacts of Skull Break Challenge

Recently, lots of accidents and injuries have been reported due to this challenge. Mainly the youngsters and children are involved in this challenge. Some of them have become the victim of life-threatening injuries. Reportedly some children broke their wrist, neck, and fractured bones. While some have been severely injured to nearly breaking their skull. The parents are concerned about their children’s safety and warning to stop these dangerous stunts from being viral before things get out of hand. And it is a fair demand seeing the consequences this viral challenge has resulted in.

Children are always curious and ready to try new things and challenges for fun. They cannot judge for themselves which makes things difficult. Some get dragged into things like this unknowingly. It is the responsibility of their elders in guiding the young ones to be safe. Parents need to aware of children of the possible outcomes and threats. And if possible, prevent them from hurting themselves or others.

Parents are Demanding to Stop the Challenge Immediately:

The parents and concerned parties have posted awareness videos on the internet. They have requested to remove these kinds of dangerous activities. And promote only good and safe content for everyone. They definitely do not want their children to risk their lives doing some social media trending challenges. Because one’s life is precious.

Here’s a news report coverage on the viral yet deadly skull breaker challenge.


Apart from the skull breaker challenge, TikTok was on fire for similar dangerous and risky TikTok challenges that went out of control.

Two Teenagers Are Facing Charges After the Skull Breaker Challenge Goes Terribly Wrong

News has it that a 13 years old middle school teenager was badly hurt while by two other middle school teenagers while attempting the risky challenge. The victim has to be rushed to the nearby hospital for immediate treatment.

The challenge has dealt a serious blow to one of the Cherry Hill School teens and is suffering from a concussion.

The other two involved in the skull breaker are facing the charges for third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree endangering an injured victim.

What Should Be the Right Course Of Action?

As a matter of fact, challenges like these should not be promoted on any social media platform. These challenges play with the life of individuals and should, therefore, be discouraged.

Every social media platform should take swift and effective action to prevent such activities in the future.

Those who create such challenges must be dealt with by the law for causing disturbance to the peaceful nature of the social media platforms.

Parents should take better care of their children and talk about the risks of attempting such foolish challenges just to get likes and comments.


TikTok is a popular socializing platform and has become the center of attraction for kids of all ages. The platform is dynamic in nature and keeps changing along with time.

The skull breaker challenge going viral on the social media platform is proof that people never learn their lesson. Times and again we keep on seeking and hearing of such dangerous challenges popping out on different social media platforms. This shows that people are fond of gaining fame and popularity at the risk of their own and other’s lives.

The skull breaker challenge is a bad example of TikTok challenges and thus nobody should try it. It is for the sake of your own health as well as for your family cuz your life isn’t just yours alone. It is equally important for the parents to become even more cautious and properly guide their children.

People should learn from their mistakes and challenges such as these should never be shared on public platforms. Authorities should also tighten their grip on the rules and regulations about the right to post content on the internet in order to prevent future mishaps.

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