TikTok Viral Couples You Can Look Out For Right Now

The widespread popularity of TikTok (formerly known as musical.ly) is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos. The app TikTok is best for digital age people as an outlet to express themselves. Express through singing, dancing, comedy, lip-syncing and so on. After all, this app allows users to create videos recorded in 15-60 seconds or less and share them across a community. TikTok was initially used for fun mostly but nowadays it has been so much addictive. For many of the users, gaining likes, followers and getting their videos viral and featured are important priorities as they could gain popularity with that. Referring to their popularity, it carried some optimistic aspect of undergoing through several opportunities for sponsorship. Indeed, they also get chances of being featured in music videos. Hence, indirectly, it also assists in earning.

Well for starter, users have to select the music or sound of their choice to use in video, then record themselves along with the music. Alternatively, you can record the video first and later on you can select a suitable song or music tunes for that recorded video. Most interesting things is that the app seems to have lots of ways to add more fun to the user’s videos. For example, there are many options, to shoot in slow-motion, time-lapse, fast forward, filters, effects or even play the song backwards etc.

Intriguingly, there is also a duet feature which allows you to connect with another user and lip-sync together. By the way, users can view content under the trending hashtags and post videos using these hashtags (similar to how Instagram works). Hashtags are used because it makes it easier to find information with specific content. For instance, #Comedychallenge, #couples, #prank #relationshipgoals, #couplegoal #cutecouples #couplering #lovelife and so on.

Most Popular Couples

Let’s get to the main topic to recognize some viral couples over in TikTok. Here are some of the famous and romantic couples who have successfully gained millions of followers. However, some of the wonderful couples are just under a million followers and about to hit it to the million. Let’s have a look at the few details of them inclusive their TikTok handle, age, number of followers, general idea about their content type and some of their interesting fact.

1. Elyssa Joy and Jon Klaasen


Haven’t seen a couples version yet 😝 @elyssajoy_ #cute #couplegoals #trend

♬ Wrap Me In Plastic (Slowed Down Version) – CHROMANCE & Marcus Layton

  • Elyssa Joy TikTok id@elyssajoy_
  • Tiktok Followers – 9.4 Million
  • Age – 22 years
  • Jon Klaasen Tiktok id@jonklaasen
  • TikTok Followers – 16.4 Million
  • Age – 22 years

Generally, these couples are very adorable and popular TikTok users from America. They usually do comedy, dance videos and show off their romantic videos on TikTok. Because of which they got so many followers and viewers. Similarly, they both have the same favourite hobbies include riding motorcycles. Elyssa Joy, an American TikTok star is best known for her lifestyle and lip-sync video clips. Their videos on TikTok go viral instantly due to abundant of love from the people. They have gained a good identity from TikTok. Thus, their popularity is not only on TikTok but also on other social media platforms.

Interesting Facts! Elyssa Joy was an actress and has also worked professionally as a model. Jon Klaasen was a Pop Singer and he has also taken part in American Idol where he sang his original song “Irreplaceable”. They got engaged in June 2020.

2. Joshua Suarez and Star Alien


She is going to never forgive me‼️🤫 #couples #girlfriend I guess this is it😨 Follow for more💕

♬ original sound – KingKid👑

  • Joshua Suarez TikTok id@kingkidjoshua
  • Tiktok Followers – 7.1 Million
  • Age – 24 years
  • Star Alien Tiktok id@queenstaralien
  • TikTok Followers – 4.3 Million
  • Age – 23 years

Both of them are American TikTok stars. On other hand, they are known for their hilarious prank videos and couple goal series. In fact, this couple is known for their humorous reactions. Due to which the portrayal of their prank videos is uniquely amusing. Well, for that obvious note, they got a plethora of followers. Since they are happy, romancing and perfect matching couple. On top of that, they also run a YouTube channel together called J&S. Both often share their TikTok with each other. As a result, the most popular video on their YouTube channel is, “REMOVE CLOTHING MYSTERY WHEEL Challenge W/Girlfriend! (Remove Everything)”, has earned over 12 million views.

Interesting Facts!  Joshua Suarez is a YouTube star but also a notorious prank artist. Likewise, Star Alien is a TikTok star as well as in April 2019, she released her first song “Kawaii”.

3. Anna Von Klinski and Tim Schaecker


Daytrip with my boy😛 Zeigt mir eure schönen Orte in DE!😍🙏🏼 @timschaecker #Deutschland #WiederUnterwegs #wiederunterwegschallenge #foryou #fyp

♬ Wieder unterwegs – Reggy B. Ahn

  • Anna Von Klinski Tiktok id@annaklinski
  • Tiktok Followers – 1.6 Million
  • Age – 21 years
  • Tim Schaecker Tiktok id@timschaecker
  • TikTok Followers – 539.7k
  • Age – 21 years

In short, these couples are growing TikTok stars and both of them are from Germany. By the way, they make their video mostly about lifestyle, fashion and more like blogs. Besides that, Tim Schaecker choreographs some of dance, comedy and lip-sync videos. The couple seems to be very happy and Anna Von Klinski is grabbing many people’s attention. Anna Von Klinski is one of the most famous celebrities and known for her bold, gorgeous and sexy look. Furthermore, gradually they are gonna rule over TikTok by amassing people’s love and worth. Both of them are a perfect match. Anna Von Klinski is much more popular over other social media, especially Instagram.

Interesting Facts! Both of them are crazy for lifestyle, fashion and blogs. Anna von is a famous German Instagram star. She has also gained massive popularity from her fashion modelling. Wanna hear something even more interesting? Soon they are launching their music video too. Seems like this couple is meant to be viral and popular.

4. Mariah Covarrubias and Bill Ritter


Used #vitaapp to edit this video of my girl, can’t wait to marry her 💍 @vitaapp.official #tiktok #foru #foru

♬ original sound – Mariah and Bill ღ

  • Bill Ritter TikTok id@billritter
  • Tiktok Followers – 468.8 k
  • Age – 20 years
  • Mariah Covarrubias Tiktok id@mariahcov
  • TikTok Followers – 957.4 k
  • Age – 21 years

To begin with, both used to run a youtube channel with the name Mariah and Bill’. Similarly, both of them use a single TikTok account as well. They usually do dancing, comedy and romantic video. They have got 9.1 million followers on main TikTok account. Indeed, due to their way of loving each other and portraying it into romantic videos. Moreover, they do post some prank videos. Overall their videos are posted on both TikTok and youtube account.

Interesting Facts! As a result, the most popular video on their YouTube channel is, “I CAN’T STOP KISSING YOU PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!”, has earned over 11 million views.

The list is never-ending if we go deep into finding romantic, cute and adorable couples. Aforementioned are only shortlisted top famous couples going viral on TikTok. Over this overwhelming platform TikTok, we see numerous of TikTok videos with people showing off their couple goals. So, keep watching and keep loving!

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