TikTok: Trending Videos On TikTok

TikTok is a continuously growing socializing platform for you to create and post videos. The app now has more than 500 million active users worldwide, which is huge. These millions of TikTok users upload hundreds of thousands of videos every day. Most of the videos, however, go unnoticed and phase out soon after they are uploaded. While some of the videos make it big and go viral. These trending TikTok videos are something worth watching and receive millions of views. Many even share them on other socializing platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

It is a common phenomenon for some of the videos to go viral among hundreds of thousands posted on the platform. In fact, TikTok is known for such unnatural social media phenomenon. Many people have made it big on the app because their videos went viral at some point in time. The number of people getting famous is, in fact, more than on any other social platform. This is another reason why the app is so popular among teenagers who want to make it big in their lives. It is also the fastest way to gain fame and popularity. All you have to do is create content that is unlike anything seen before and hope it gets people’s appreciation and goes viral.

Today we have come up with some of the currently trending TikTok videos on the platform. Some of these videos have accumulated millions of views. While some are still gaining more and more views as the days pass by. The videos listed below are highly creative, funny to watch and some are full of surprises. They are sure to lighten up your mood and keep you high all day long. So make sure you watch all the videos and have a good time.

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1.The Stuff We Do On Our Free Time…

We do all kinds of crazy stuff when we get some free time. Especially boys love to play around when they are free and come up with craziest of ideas in the process.

This video by @shamus_Mclain is the result of one such crazy thoughts bouncing inside one’s head when you have nothing better to do. But by no means, it is a waste of time. Actually it is something not everyone can come up with even if they get a lifetime of leisure.

Make sure you watch this amazing video until the end and be amazed by how the video is executed.

2. Finger Fishing- One Of The Best I’ve Ever Seen…

This is not something you get to watch often and never would have I imagined to watch such a video on TikTok. It is pure genius and the stunt he pulled out should be recorded on ‘Guineas World Records’. The video is uploaded by a user @hoosierdadd23 on the platform and has been liked more than 1.3 million times so far.

I don’t know how this person in the video was able to catch a fish. Not just any fish but a huge one using his fingers as bait that too in real-time.

A highly motivating video that implies everything is possible all you have to do is take your chance.

3. Stuff That We Expect To See On The National Geographics Channel

This is another shocking video one would expect to see only on The National Geographics channel. But surprisingly enough it landed on TikTok and is currently trending as well.

The video is uploaded by a TikTok user named @jayprehistoricpets on the platform.

Make sure you watch this baby ‘Giant Reticulated Python’ hatching out from an egg. It is super cute and the video as a whole is fun to watch.

4. Meat Lovers Be Like…

This video by TikTok user @nusreth is fun to watch. It is currently trending and so far has witnessed more than 1.1 million likes and received 6k comments.

5. Don’t Believe Everything You See…

Okay, this video will truly make you question your senses. Not everything you see on screen is actually what it is in real life.

Making an illusion video is an art and a very challenging task. But if you can master it, you are sure to make people wonder.

This TikTok video by the user @sarati is one such camera trick made to question your senses. So watch and enjoy it.

6. Gravity Doesn’t Work On Me

This video by the user @jonklasen is one of those videos under the popular TikTok hashtag #Gravity. But the twist here is that gravity is not working on him.

The video is currently among the trending videos on the platform. It has received 1.4 million likes and 16.8k comments.

7. A Cruel Way To Surprise…

Have you ever wondered what might be the cruelest way to surprise someone? Well, think no more and watch this video by a TikTok user @kingkidjoshua.

This video is currently trending and has been liked 259.4k times on the process.

8. She Got Him Anyway…

Have a girlfriend? If yes, this is a must-watch video for you.

This video posted by a TikTok user @juliamenugracia shows how guys get ripped-off by their girlfriends.

9. He wasn’t expecting it in the least

Okay, here’s another video themed on couples where a guy is outsmarted yet again by his girlfriend. This video by a TikTok user @taylor10109 is a refresher.

The video has so far received 306.5k likes and 1.7k comments and is among currently trending videos on TikTok.

10. She Played It Cool…

Watching TV with parents might not be a good idea once you grow up. The content displayed on TV is no more the same as it was before during our parent’s time. More and more intense content gets aired on TV these days. Even the movies have more intimate scenes in them. Which can be a little awkward to watch together with your parents.

The video by a TikTok user @themermaidscale illustrates that awkward situation and also teaches how you should react.

All the above videos are currently trending on TikTok. They have received millions of likes and thousands of comments on them. You will surely have a wonderful time watching these videos and be delighted. If you are looking to watch more of such trending TikTok videos you can visit the official TikTok page. Or just download the app from Play Store.

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