TikTok: Trending Hashtags On TikTok 2019

Tiktok is one such socializing platform that basically runs on memes, hashtags, and challenges. If you are on the platform you might have noticed long ago that every single video has a particular hashtag on it. It is no surprise that you can find thousands of videos with the same hashtag on them. Hashtags basically define the videos and help them categorize into different niches such as sports, music, dance, comedy, pranks, and so on. They also make it easier for you to search for a particular video on the platform using the hashtag. TikTok hashtags mostly are dedicated to highlight trending events.

Hashtags are basically a way to gain more exposure and go viral on the platform. All the videos that have gone viral over the year have a hashtag included on them. Some of the most popular hashtags are those named after challenges or memes. These hashtags do particularly well and are more likely to make it big on the platform. Depending upon the concept, TikTok hashtags can be educational and fun to watch while most of them are perfect time wasters. It is no harm to know about all the different types oh hashtags that are currently trending on the platform. On the contrary, they might prove to be helpful if you are looking to gain exposure and make it big on TikTok.

Today we have come up with the most popular and currently trending TikTok hashtags for you. These hashtags include popular memes and challenges that are currently making a buzz. You can find thousands of videos on TikTok with the hashtags on our list. Make sure you watch all of these videos to know how exactly these hashtags work. And if you are particularly fond of any of these hashtags then you can create and post your own video as well. Who knows your video might as well get viral on the platform and make you a TikTok star overnight.

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#riseandshine: 1.4 billion views

In a matter of weeks, Kylie Jenner’s office tour Youtube video where she walks into her daughter Stormi’s room and sings a phrase ‘rise and shine’ to wake her up, although she is already awake went viral over TikTok. #riseandshine is now currently the most-watched TikTok meme and also the fastest to reach 1 billion views within the first week.

Seeing how popular the meme has become on TikTok, Jenner has filed a trademark application that covers all the merchandise with words ‘rise and shine’. Although, there is a very high possibility that her application will get rejected.

You can see thousands of videos uploaded with the hashtag ‘rise and shine’ on the platform. Most of them are noting but a cheap copy. While there are a few videos that are worth watching for their innovative approach to the viral meme.

#inmyroom: 981 million views

The hashtag ‘in my room’ is all about people creating and posting videos of themselves entering their room and slamming the door. That’s basically it.

But you will not be bored cuz most of the videos have overlayed text which will allow you to understand what made them do it in the first place. You will find a lot of videos with #inmyroom and numerous stories that define them. Some popular backstories in such videos include “when you realize your ex is still alive and probably moving on and smiling”.

#layerup: 870 million views

If you haven’t heard of #layerup challenge which is currently trending on TikTok, here’s what it meant. So, the #layerup challenge is a challenge meant to show what it takes to survive the cold weather. The challenge asks users to participate, create, and post videos of them layering up for the fall.

You can watch hundreds of videos with the hashtag ‘layer up’ on the platform. There are all sorts of videos where you can see people layering up in their winter clothes and even pets dressed up for winter.

#halloweendiy: 849 million views

This #halloweendiy encourages users to take part in the Halloween themed art and craft and post their videos on the platform.

If you are one of those who is fond of showing your art and craft skills this #halloweendiy challenge is for you.

#lemonke: 725 million views

We all know TikTok is full of creepy hashtags and memes. It’s just that some are more crappy than the rest. The #lemonke is one such creepy trending hashtag on TikTok.

People create and post videos using a creative filter of a stinky ‘lemonke’ that is available to them. A lot of videos with #lemonke have surfaced on the platform so far and people are going crazy for this stinky ‘lemonke’.

You can also try creating your own version of the #lemoke and share it on the platform for fun.

#nomodel: 666 million views

If you like getting your pictures clicked a lot this one is especially for you. The #nomodel challenge is where you can showcase your best photos even though you are not a model. It is currently trending on TikTok.

All you have to do is make a video adding the best ever pictures of you and post it on the platform. You might as well get a few followers doing so in the process.

#getspooky: 656 million views

The now currently trending #getspooky is themed for Halloween. To participate in the #gerspooky challenge all you have to is create and post your video showing you transforming into Halloween characters at the end of the video.

The videos are very scary and at the same time satisfying to watch. So before you jump into watching such videos make sure you are willing to be spooked.

#youreinvited: 634 million views

Okay, so if you have been winning about not getting an invitation all year long, its time for a party. You lot are invited to the sickest party of the year. So, make sure you attend it.

The popular #youreinvited is an invitation to the sickest party of the year for all TikTok users. If you want to join the fun make sure you create your own video with the #youreinvited and post it.

#tastesdifferent: 633 million views

Okay so if you are someone who loves to make videos involving food as a subject this #tastesdifferent is for you to try. The theme of this hashtag is based on the not so good feeling that you get when you eat food at home versus the oddly satisfying feel that you get when you eat at your friend’s home.

It is currently among one of the trending hashtags on TikTok. You can watch a lot of videos with the #tastesdifferent on the platform. Some of the videos are improvised versions of the original concept and are still fun to watch. But all of them come with the same soundtrack by “Griz & Subtronics”.

#hauntedtiktok: 598 million views

The #hauntedtiktok encourages users to create and post videos of paranormal activities. So, you are experiencing any paranormal activities lately, or you know of any scary horror stories to share, hop into the #hanutedhouse challenge and post your videos.

You can always get people to scream watching your haunted stories. Sounds exciting right? The #hauntedtiktok is a hit among TikTok users and people are posting all sorts of horror and thrilling videos.

#bringiton: 528 million views

The currently trending #bringiton allows users to participate in the epic showdown of ages. All you have to do is make and post an epic showdown video of yourself and join millions of others who think the same way as you.

So, hurry up pick your side and get ready for an epic showdown of ages. Watch the videos to know who comes out victorious at the end.

#inverted: 501 million views

The #inverted challenge allows users to create their video using a new ‘inverted’ creative filter. Using the ‘inverted’ creative filter is the same as looking over your own reflection in the mirror.

So, if you like to see your reflection just make use of the #inverted creative filter and you are all set for a surprise.

#theatrekid: 460 million views

The #theatrekid challenge encourages TikTok users to showcase their acting skills. If you are one of those who are inspired by plays and movies, hop into the challenge and explore your acting skills.

Apart from hopping into the challenge you can also enjoy hundreds and hundreds of videos with the #thratrekid. So, whatever you choose to do you will end up being satisfied.

#tailgetszn: 433 million views

This #tailgetszn is for all those Sports lovers who like to party hard when a new season is about to start. Hundreds of videos with the hashtag have been uploaded on the platform.

So if you are a hardcore football fan and is excited for all the actions that will be taking place you might as well take your time and party hard with everything you’ve got.

#faceyourfear: 389 million views

#faceyourfear challenge is very popular on TikTok for the fact that it encourages people to share the things and incidents that they fear the most.

A lot of videos have been surfaced with the #faceyourfear and are seeking your attention. So, if you have anything you fear then it is the perfect time for you to bring it on to TikTok. It’s no shame talking about things you fear rather it gives you the courage to face them.

#backtohoops: 319 million views

The #backtohoops is a sponsored challenge from NBA on TikTok. It encourages TikTok users to upload their way of celebrating the return of a brand new NBA season.

If you are a fan of NBA then you might as well be excited to share your style of celebrating the return of a brand new NBA season by making and posting your video on the TikTok.

#gymwarriors: 317 million views

The #gymwarriors challenge is highly dedicated to the hardcore gym warriors. So if you one of those who loves to hit the gym, it’s time for you to rise and grind. No matter if you are a ninja in progress or a master lifter, hit the gym or the street and share your secret to becoming a fitness master.

You can post your videos where you stretch up, lift a weight, hit the treadmill, do planks or setups on the platform and become a fitness warrior. Your videos will inspire others hitting into the gym and becoming a fitness warrior.

#teamvampire: 256 million views

The #teamvampire is a trending TikTok hashtag that encourages you to to search the vampire within you. If you like going out only at night and have a crush on a cute bloodsucker, you might well be a vampire.

All the videos made with #teamvampire has a spooky feeling to them. Watching them gives you a chill. Most of them are based on the Hollywood movie “Twilight”.

#budgetfashion: 111million views

You cannot buy everything that is in trend. Nor can all those expensive dresses and items make you look good. But you might as well flaunt in budget dresses if you choose wisely.

This is what the #budgetfashion challenge is all about. It encourages the use of secondhand and cheap stuffs and turns them into something great. Join the challenge to show how you flaunt with your budget fashion to the world.

Conclusion: All the above-listed hashtags are among the currently trending TikTok hashtags. You can watch hundreds of videos embedded with these hashtags. Most of them are a great time-waster that will help you pass your leisure time with ease while some are motivational and educational as well. It is up to you to decide which of these popular hashtags you enjoy watching the most. You can also participate in one of these or all of the above-listed hashtags if you desire.

If you want to know more about such trending TikTok hashtags make sure to visit the official TikTok website or you can also search them on the app itself. They are easily available for you to watch and enjoy.

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