TikTok: Top 7 Trending Tik Tok video

TikTok is the video-sharing mobile application where you share comedy, lipsync, magic and any talent video. TikTok is a free mobile application and it was found by ByteDance. It’s a China-based company that was found in 2012 by Zhang Yimin in China. TikTok was released in 2017 for ios and androids for the international market outside China. Bytedance has also released Douyin a Chinese version of TikTok according to the Chinese censorship restrictions.

TikTok is available in over 150 markets and is available in 75 different languages. It was the 6th most downloaded application in the USA in 2018. Douyin and TikTok got over 1 billion global downloads, excluding Androids in China. Its the first-ever Chinese application to get such amount of downloads and preferences.

TikTok is still a new app in the world of mobile applications. The interesting features of TikTok have been able to gain a wide range of users. However, most of its users are 24 and under. But TikTok is not the application made for youngsters only. In fact, TikTok was built with the motive of having fun and sharing your talent through sharing your short videos. People of any could have fun and talent so TikTok is For everybody. The video which is funny and shows talent is trending in the TikTok.

Trending videos on TikTok

Well, the basis of the trending video is entertainment. All the videos and posts that have been trending in TikTok and other social media platforms are entertaining. Nobody watches a video that is boring and monotonous. Most of the trending videos are either trending or features famous celebrities like Justin Bieber.

People are attracted to videos that spark some form of emotion and energy like anger, happiness, sadness, and joy.

Here are 7 handpicked trending TikTok videos on the internet:

1.Zach King tribute Video to Kobe


I had the pleasure of filming a video with Kobe several years ago and I’ll never forget his joy as he left the set, playing ball. #ripkobe

♬ See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

Zach King is one of the most talented TikTok illusionists and an American vine star of this time. He is able to make his audience laugh, confuse and amaze with his videos. However, the video is the homage given to the late and great NBA player Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant died in the helicopter accident on 26 January 2020. The above videos show’s the precious moment King Bach shared with Kobe Bryant.

2. ArshSoni10 plays a magic trick


Always Trust a Magician…🤔🤣📱🎧✂️ – His Face was like 😲 w/goubtube geo_kerr #magic #trick #viral #funny #wizard #how #lol #foryou #comedy #wow

♬ original sound – arshsoni10

Arshdeep is one of the most intriguing magicians in the TikTok. He’s magic skills are interesting and mind-wobbling. He’s able to fascinate audiences with his magic skills whereas in the video he cuts and joins the headphone of the person. The magic shocks the person and is able to gather 4.6 million viewers in the TikTok universe. His trending videos prove talent and hard work is appreciated by the people.

3. @goubtube pulled out one heck of a prank


Dino-scare series!!! Should I post more?? Would you run?? ronnierex #run #prank #dino #lol

♬ original sound – goubtube

@goubtube is one of the funniest pranksters in the TikTok. It takes some guts and motivation to be a prankster in the world full of rage and brawlers. He aims to entertain people with unexpected pranks which are hilarious. In the given video Goubtube pranks a random pedestrian with a fake dinosaur. The pedestrian falls on the floor but has a smiling face when he knows its a prank.

4. @ashleyetaylor‘s cute doggie


everyone loved the last one so here’s another🤪 #fyp #foryou #doggie #drawingchallage

♬ Now You Have A Doggy – mackenzieturner0

Art has its own admirers and so does the artist on the TikTok. Ashley Taylor’s videos show her capability as an artist. The combination of her art and the music makes her videos simple yet interesting. Her art skills are adored by millions and her doggie video is watched by 7.5 million peoples. Her art skills are different and she does her craft in a different manner.

5. @momentsgang‘s satisfying video to watch



♬ The Satisfying Scraper – momentsgang

Jason’s viral video might shock people as it seems to have no talent and time investment. This viral video is questionable as people tend to like meaningless and talentless videos o TikTok. His paper scraping videos have a million views whereas his other videos have less than 100k videos. However, we cannot deny the satisfaction we get from watching his videos where he scrapes the paper.

6. @guinnessworldrecords coconuts smashed


Most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute 💪🏽🥥💦 122 by Abheesh P. Dominic 🇮🇳

♬ original sound – guinnessworldrecords

Guinness world record is the federation found before TikTok where people do stuff never done before. Most videos of the Guinness world record TikTok are about the bizarre body features like height, weight, hair, and nails. In the video, Abheesh smashes the record-breaking number of coconuts by his right hand due to which he is able to get the Guinness world record. This video has 9.2 million views.

7. @harveybass that dance move


I present to you, my last and FINAL draft! So please, enjoy this blooper🙏🏻😅 #foryou #thegitupchallenge #harveybass (I’ve changed loads in 6 months)

♬ The Git Up – Blanco Brown

Harvey is one of the cutest and talented dancers in the TikTok world. His boyish looks and dancing moves make him very adorable. His dance in the Git up by Blanco Bruno is very entertaining and people seem to like it. People have watched this video over 78 million times.

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