TikTok: Top 11 TikTok Magicians To Start Following Now

The now-viral short video sharing app TikTok is a magnet. It is attracting creative individuals into the platform. These creative individuals make full use of the platform’s virality feature to gain fame and recognition. Even those who are already popular in real life join the platform to extend their audience reach. Now the platform is more like a honey-comb. You will see disorder and distraction on the outside but once you reach the core you get a sweet treat. For those who make it to the core of the now-viral app, they become more like the queen bee. They have hundreds of thousands of followers and can even monetize on the platform. As TikTok influencers, they partner with different brands and advertising agencies. To help brands to promote their products and campaigns.

TikTok is mostly popular for its trademark lip-syncing videos. A lip-syncing video is a video where a user borrows a sound clip and performs in it. But that’s not all there is to the now popular app. There are all sorts of videos such as comedy sketches, acting, and dancing. Videos of people playing pranks, performing magic tricks, stunts. The platform also features art and craft videos, cookery, family drama, and many more. Among these videos available on the platform, magic tricks videos are one of my favorite. I mean who doesn’t love a good magic show? The magician swings his handkerchief in the air shouts Abra-Ka-Dabra. And kaboom pigeons appear out of thin air. Magic tricks always amaze us by defying our senses and our understanding of things in this world.

We all know they ain’t real but illusions that fool us in believing what we see only. But that’s what makes it so amusing to watch every single time. And every time you see one you’ll find yourself questioning like how does he even do that? Is that even possible? I must be dreaming or something?

Today we have come up with the best of the best TikTok magicians. These magicians are all very talented individuals and popular TikTok creators. They are the ace among magicians and each of them has a trick of their sleeves. These TikTok magicians have taken the platform by surprise in a short period of time. They deserve our attention for their creativity and their amazing work. The list is made up of TikTok creators who mostly create and post magic videos. One of the magicians on our list is among the top 31 most followed TikTok stars.

Warning: These are all professional magicians. So make sure you watch their videos responsibly and not try imitating them at home or at school

Top 11 TikTok magicians to start following now

11. Magick Balay: @magickbalay

Magick Balay is a world-renowned close-up magician from Newyork, United States. He has been performing magic tricks for more than two decades now. He is the head demonstrator for every professional magic company in Manhattan.

Magick has a TV show by the name ” Close Up Kings” where he performs close-up magic tricks. Balay is also one of the highest sought private entertainer. He has performed for many Hollywood celebrities.

TikTok Followers:242.5k

10. Christian Wedoy: @christianwedoy

Christian Wedoy is an international illusionist and escapologist from Trondheim, Norway. He is also known as Lord Christian. In 2012 he started his career as an illusionist. He has since become the most featured Norweigian magician on TV.

He has taken part in different got talent shows such as Norway’s Got Talent. Christian also took part in Sweden’s Got Talent and Germany’s Got Talent. He has over 80 million views on Youtube, making him one of the best escape artists in the world.

TikTok followers: 244.5k

9. Murray Sawchuck: @murraythemagician

Murray Sawchuck is a 46 years old magician and illusionist from Las Vegas, United States. His magic acts involve much wits and comedy.

He is new to the platform but has made a name for himself with his magic trick videos. Murray performs a wide range of magic tricks and his magic videos are fun to watch.

TikTok Followers: 262.3k

8. Patrick Kun: @patrickkun

Partick Kun is among the most talented close-up sleight of hand magicians. He is from Bangkok, Thailand. Patrick is known for his elegant performance style. He creates impromptu magic with visual gimmicked effects in mind.

He is highly skilled in what he does. His breathtaking magic videos have won the hearts of many on the platform.

TikTok Followers: 428.8k

7. Y the Magician: @magicofy

Y the Magician is a popular celebrity magician, mentalist, author and influencer. He is from Warsaw, Poland. Y the magician took part in Polish Got Talent in 2012 where he was one of the semi-finalists in the show.

He started his Youtube channel by the name “Magic of Y” which is hugely popular and has got 969k subscribers. Y the Magician performs magic shows all over the world.

He is now gaining popularity on TikTok with his magic trick videos.

TikTok Followers: 437.9k

6. JACKSON ACES MAGIC: @jacksonaces

JacksonAces is a star card magician, mind reader, an illusionist from Sydney, Australia. He started practicing card magic at the age of twelve when his mom bought a magic deck of cards for him on his birthday.

Jackson’s ability to produce an endless number of cards from thin air earned him his initial fame. He is recognized as a poet among other card magicians. Since his magic shows are full of fantasy and emotions.

He is now growing in popularity on the now popular app TikTok and has a good fan following. His fans love the way he performs his every magic tricks.

TikTok Followers: 1.5 million

5. SeanDoesMagic:@seandoesmagic

Sean is a 17 years old magician and short content creator from the Netherlands. He is popular for his card tricks and illusions which he performs on strangers on streets.

Sean started practicing magic tricks at the age of six. He has a Youtube channel “SeanDoesMagicTM” where he often posts magic tricks videos.

Sean is popular on TikTok for his funny magic tricks and has over a million followers in his TikTok account.

TikTok Followers: 1.7 million

4. WianMagic:@wianmagic

WianMagic is a young magician from a small town in South Africa. He is a Got Talent finalist and has performed magic shows around the world. Wian has performed for some of the biggest companies including Coca-Cola, BMW, and LG.

He is well-known for his modern and comedy magic performances. His magic tricks are fun to watch and have gained him more than a million followers on the platform.

TikTok Followers: 1.8 million

3. Magic Singh: @magicsingh

Amardeep Singh Dhanjal popularly known as Magic Singh is a superstar card magician. He is from London, United Kingdom. Singh started his journey as a magician at the age of nine after receiving a deck of magic cards from his parents.

At the age of 15, he became the full-fledged member of the esteemed “The Young Magician’s Circle“. Later he also became a member of the elite “The Magic Circle” at the age of 18. He is now renowned as one of the finest magicians in the UK.

His popularity can be felt on the now popular app TikTok where he has more than 1.8 million followers so far.

TikTok Followers: 1.8 million

2. Evan The Card Guy: @thecardguy

Evan the card guy is a 20 years old popular magician and illusionist from the United States. He grew in fame with his short magic clips and illusions on TikTok.

Evan started practicing magic at the age of 12 after he was grounded from video games. He recently gained popularity on TikTok as an influencer. Most of his TikTok videos show him playing tricks upon his family members. The family members include his younger cousins.

TikTok Followers: 4.3 million

1.Zach King: @zachking

Zach King is the most followed magician and illusionist on TikTok. He is also among the top 31 most followed TikTok stars. He does not just create magic videos but a masterpiece. Every trick he performs is mind-bogglingly amazing to watch.

I have never seen anyone performs magical tricks the way he does. They are unrivaled in the platform. His TikTok videos get hundreds of thousands of likes and are shared hundreds of times. Some of them even get millions of likes and thousands of comments.

He truly deserves to be called king.

TikTok Followers: 25.6 million


All the people listed in our list of top 11 TikTok magicians are professional magicians. They are highly talented and are among the top TikTok creators who deserve our attention. If you like watching magic tricks and illusions you can follow them all and have a great time TikToking.

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