TikTok: Top 10 Trending Challenges On TikTok

TikTok is a fast-growing socializing platform for you to create and post videos. Furthermore, the app crossed 1 billion users mark worldwide. The app uses its voice matching feature similar to Musical’ly in order to transform the platform into a massive and hilarious talent show without end. It allows users to record a 15-second video for everyone to see. These users upload hundreds to thousands of videos every day. The content varies from comedy and dance videos to lip-syncing and pranks. The platform is also flooded with new and interesting challenges and memes for users to take part in.

Trending TikTok challenges and memes are something worth watching and receive millions of views worldwide. These challenge videos are mostly from recognized TikTok creators, one who has received the official TikTok badge of a unique creator. These trending challenges often break the internet and go viral.

The creators often adapt their content to fit in with the current trends, while also seeking to create trends of their own. As the app favors these aspects for a video’s spreadability. Hashtag challenges unite a large part of TikTok’s broad content. The users record themselves attempting to perform a challenge and often challenge others to do the same.

Here below are some of the popular and trending TikTok challenges for you to watch and enjoy:

#sleepyday [4299.4M views]


Зевнули?) #рекомендации #sleepyday

♬ #SleepyDay – alexlex98

This challenge is among the currently trending TikTok challenges for you to take part in. The #sleepyday challenge has over 4299.4M views. The first video was posted by a user who goes by the name @ya_lexx. The #sleepyday challenge is all about feeling sleepy the whole day. If you want to take part in this challenge, all you have to do is make a video of you yawning one whole day, be it while brushing, eating, reading, watching Tv, and more.

This is a perfect challenge to take part in if you’re someone who is as lazy as me.

#chooseyourcharacter [677M views]


Which character would you choose?!🙊👑🐶🦄 #chooseyourcharacter #ukfashionnovember

♬ Super Smash Bros Melee Remix (#chooseyourcharacter) – Jim Walter

If you haven’t heard of #chooseyourcharacter challenge which is currently trending on TikTok, here’s what it meant. This challenge is all about you choosing to be whoever you want to be and making a video of it in the process. You can choose to be a superhero or a supervillain, you can even choose an anime character. It is all up to you to decide what you want to be.

So if you are someone who fantasizes to appear like some of the superheroes or supervillain, here’s your chance to do so. But make sure you choose your characters with caution and stick with characters you’re familiar with.

#halloweenbattle [691.8M views]


#halloweenbattle #teamevil #cukierekalbopsikus #prawdziwatwarz #halloweenmakeup #halloween #wardega

♬ dźwięk oryginalny – sawardega

The currently trending challenge #halloweenbattle is themed for Halloween. If you are one of those who is fond of showing your art and craft skills, this #halloweenbattle challenge is for you. It encourages users to take part in the Halloween themed art and craft and post their videos.

Halloween is where you dress up in frightening masks and costumes. To take part in the challenge all you have to do is create and post your video showing you transforming into Halloween characters. This year people are creating a video with stickers or costumes using the hashtags #halloweenbattle and then choose a #team(GOOD/EVIL).

The videos are very scary and at the same time and satisfying to watch. So before you jump into watching such videos make sure you are willing to jiggle.

#petportrait [640.8M views]


I love painting Sean!😍 do you like painting pets? 🐶❤️ #petportrait #foryou #italy #dog #art #pets

♬ suono originale – jessibrugali

Every social media site requires a healthy dose of adorable animals. It has been this way from the beginning and TikTok is no exception.

Do you have a passion for painting adorable and cute pets? Are you someone who loves to paint cute pets portraits?? Well, if you do then this #petportrait challenge is definitely for you. Take part in this amazing challenge and express your love and emotion that you have for pets. And who knows your hard work might pay off and make you go viral on the platform. So, do take part in this challenge and have a great time TikToking.

#snapshot [78.9M views]


im seriously not okay #fail #fyp #snapshot #foryou #foryoupage #newzealand #viral #trending

♬ Hard Times by Paramore – janapaige

If you thought that you’ve seen it all on the currently trending platform TikTok, think again. You might as well be prepared to get surprised. The currently trending TikTok challenge is unlike any that you’ve seen before.

The #snapshot challenge comes with a new polaroid sticker feature to make things more fun. Users taking part in the challenge can take up to three pictures at a time. You can either choose to make funny poses while getting captured or pull out some sorts of stunts on the process.

#tumbleweed Challenge


Jimmy takes the #TumbleweedChallenge! Show us your best tumbleweed!

♬ #TumbleweedChallenge – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a popular American celebrity known for his acting and singing talent. He was one of the first celebrities to start the #Tumbleweed Challenge as one of TikTok’s first influencers. In his video, you can see him rolling on the floor suddenly when a loud sound is played in the background.

The video has managed to get over 184.5k likes so far. If you’re a Jimmy Falcon fan, you might as well give this challenge a try.



Went all the way to the Grand Canyon for this #foryou #crazy #comedy #foryoupage #dance

♬ Envy Me – Calboy

The #foryoupage is one of the most used hashtags by TikTok users. This is one way of TikTok users trying to get viral on the platform. Over the past years, many have even managed to get viral by tagging their videos on the “foryoupage“. As a result, more and more users are following the trend of virality and no there are millions of videos under the “foryoupage“.

So, if you’re looking to get viral on the platform, you might as well create quality content and tag them under the “foryoupage”. The #foryoupage helps to push your content to other users worldwide.

#slow-mo Challenge


#marathi #slowmo #foryou #gymnast #girlfriend #parkourlife #gentleman #indiaflippers taniarane


The camera technology available these days is something else. It is unlike anything before. The slow-mo effect is one such camera technology available these days. And it is one of the most used effects as well. Especially, youngsters are fond of this effect that makes videos super cool to watch.

The videos made on this effect are at a different level. Slow-mo is one of the key themes of TikTok’s content. Take a stunt or a dance moves videos for example where the video gets slowed down at the right moment to make it look great.

The currently trending #slow-mo challenge is based on this particular concept of slowing the videos down to make it look amazingly cool. You can find thousands of videos with the #slow-mo and these videos have been watched billions of times.



#raindropchallenge #illusionchallenge #omgchallenge #zoomchallenge

♬ original sound – lorengray_1949

Okay, now I guess I’ve seen it all. I mean how come TikTok come up with such great visual effects that looks the Hollywood animated movies look bad. That’s not fair right?

But that’s okay if you’re a TikTok user. The all-new currently trending #raindrop challenge is meant for those who like to present themselves as the thunder god. You have the power to pause and play the rain. You also get to add amazing visual effects to your video to make it look mind-boggling.



استودعتك الله اللذي لا تضيع ودائعه الي New York ✈️ 😂 برعاية الصافي #faketravel #foryourpage #trend

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 김수형

It actually feels bad deep inside when people you know post videos of themselves traveling to great tourist destinations. And it is even worse to see people whom you despise to get the chance to travel even before you do. But no more. Now you can film yourself traveling to different places in the world without a sweat.

The #faketravel challenge is a perfect way of tricking people to think that you are traveling even when you sit back at home. And not just that but you actually get to create a video of yourself watching down below from an airplane window. Cool isn’t it? So, give this challenge a try and make people jealous.

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