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If you are wondering where you could find all the hottest and prettiest girls, look no further. Just download the TikTok app, and prepare for the impact. By impact I mean, pretty surprises. Once you step on the platform, you’ll come across beauties, divas, angels, and whatnot. It’s like heaven on earth where all the angels perform. Everywhere you see, you’ll find beauties and more beauties. It’s more than what your heart can handle. So, if you are a softie, make sure you stay away from the platform(Just kidding).

TikTok is an open platform not just for showing one’s talents and creativity. But also for showing off one’s beauty and girls know it better than anyone else. That’s exactly why girls from around the world have flocked to the platform. I mean who wouldn’t want to be on the platform with millions of admirers. Especially when you are someone beautiful and good looking. As the saying goes “what’s the use of being beautiful when you’ve got no one to compliment you”. Here in TikTok, beauty meets the eye(admirer/ beholder).

If you are looking to find some of the prettiest girls on TikTok, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll talk about some of the prettiest girls on TikTok. These TikTok girls are very popular among their fans for their absolute beauty and style. Most of them are recognized by TikTok as verified TikTok users. They’ve been awarded the official TikTok verification badge. Watching these beauties on the platform is a dream come true. There’ve been many cases where people fall in love with their beauty. Some even decided to be their love slaves. You might as well be love-struck watching them for the first time. Make sure you follow them to see more videos of these beauties every day.

Here are the top 14 prettiest girls on TikTok for you to follow:


Sarah Beth is an emerging TikTok creator. She might not have millions of followers at the moment but she by no means should be taken lightly. When it comes to beauty and looks, she is indeed one of the prettiest girls on the platform.

Her physic is on par with the Victoria Secrets models. And her warm smile can melt even the thickest of snow of the antarctic. Make sure you follow to watch more of her beauty in her videos.

TikTok Followers: 194.8k


Hannah Tolentino is a well-known Youtuber. She has more than 1.51 million subscribers on her Youtube channel “purplebanan25”.

If you are fond of Asian beauties, you better check out her TikTok account. She is stunningly beautiful. One might say she looks hotter than the Carolina Reaper. You can see her lip-syncing in her videos most of the time.

TikTok Followers: 324k


If you ever wonder how angels would look like when they dance, well it’s time you see how.

Sara Jane Elisabeth is one of the prettiest girls you might come across on the platform. She has a sporty body with flexibility like that of an

TikTok Followers: 365k



Вообще я не фанатка тверка и не хожу на него, но иногда люблю потрясти 😅 Как относитесь к тверку? #рекомендации #хочуврек #тверк #тренд2019

♬ оригинальный звук – krisswdoo

If you’re looking for a combination of beauty, fun, and talent than Krisswdoo is the one. This girl is the one to look for in TikTok as she has a mysterious yet fun personality.

Her athletic body and dance moves are fun to watch. Kriswdoo is an international beauty you won’t regret following.

TikTok Followers: 474k



What is your favorite color?💕✨ instagram: amalrsho #Dance #Amalrsho

♬ Candy – Doja Cat

When we talk about the fun we should not miss Amal Rsho. This beauty is playful and her lipsync videos are amazing. Her dance moves are addictive and you want to look at her moves more than once.

Her pretty face, expression, and gurning skills are enough to follow her.

TikTok Followers: 1.4 million



up close n personal👁👄👁 #foryou #fyp

♬ Low Beams – Gavin Haley

Irena Vass has the potential to be someone’s dark fantasy. She’s a fantasy of any man who’s into white girls and blue eyes. She looks amazing in black dress and her fun character makes you wanna know her more.

She’s into makeup, dance, and lipsync. She’s a natural beauty and you won’t regret following her.

TikTok Followers: 1.4 million



My #transformation 👽 #makeup #foryou

♬ Music Compilation – toy.bao

Who won’t like a pretty girl with some makeup skills? This girl is a fashionista and she knows her poison. Well if you like a girl without makeup you will definitely like her with makeup. She ‘s beautiful with or without makeup and you will find her different from her different posts.

TikTok Followers: 1.7 million



so many people watched us make this.. our anxiety went 📈😂 #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Roscoes – ZaeHD & CEO

Jenna ‘s a cute young blonde. If you like blonde girls then you will love Jenna. You might drown in her deep blue eyes. She’s got a positive attitude and she is all about giving you a fun time. Her videos are funny yet relative, she’s a bunch of talent and she will kill your time. Don’t get lost on her TikTOk profile watching one after another video.

TikTok Followers: 1.9 million



Caption this! 🤷‍♀️ go! hunter_malsch kaelynkastle #fyp

♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

This girl is many things except boring. You will be surprised by her flexible and athletic moves. She’s beautiful and talented. You might wanna hit the gym and wanna take care of your body after watching her videos.

Cassidy Thompson is a fitness freak with her dancing and gymnast moves. She’s a girl of action and you won’t find someone like her in the TikTok world. Follow Cassidy if you like action and fitness.

TikTok Followers: 2.0 million




♬ My Oh My – Camila Cabello feat. DaBaby

She’s a princess of TikTok with her gorgeous blonde hair and funny faces. She wants to make you smile with her videos. If there’s someone who reflects cuteness and sexiness at the same time then it’s her.

She’s got that sizzling curve and her dance moves are addictive and all you want is more.

TikTok Followers: 2.7 million



♬ Round of Applause – K’ron

She’s got the two first names like her dual personalities. One is sexy and another is sassy. She even looks like Iggy Azalea and she’s fancy. Don’t be sad when you see her kissing her boyfriend. With every change in her dress and her hair color, you might feel like your watching a different girl.

TikTok Followers: 3.1 million



Самые лучший дуэт залью к себе 2го числа (пиши + в комм,если снял дуэт)победителя выберу в ИНСТАГРАМ

♬ original sound – halihoron_

Anastasia Yseeva is one of the top rising stars in the TikTok world. You will be surprised by her gorgeous looks. You can’t deny her talent skills. She got some serious talent skills on her arsenal and she knows to use it well. Her black hair and white skin are appealing to your eyes. Her tattoo on her right sleeve gives her a bad girl looks and vibes.

TikTok Followers: 3.4 million



I just wanted to show my exotic makeup today😊

♬ Kraazy – Likybo

Jelinuh is one of the top TikTok stars. She’s been able to gather above six million TikTok followers with her lipsync, dance, and funny videos. Her videos will help you loosen up and have a fun time.

She is a good dancer and she will make you laugh with her videos. She has wicked humor with a beautiful face.

TikTok Followers: 6.7 million


Amelia Gething is an English model and actress. She is often mistaken for popular Hollywood Actress Emma Watson. Amelia is popular for her comedy sketches videos on her self titled youtube channel.

She is also an emerging TikTok influencer known for her comedic lip-syncing videos. Her TikTok account is officially verified. She started her career from Musical.ly. Amelia has a cute face with great athletes like physic. You can enjoy her TikTok videos by following her on TikTok.

TikTok Followers: 7.3 million

TikTok seems to be a promising platform for these beauties as they are able to show their talent. These beauties have taken the right advantage of TikTok and the world seems to like it.

The above list of TikTok users is just a small one. There are many more hot and sizzling divas out there on TikTok. So make sure you follow the on the platform and keep TikToking.

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