TikTok Identical Twins Lisa and Lena; Found a New Passion ‘Youtube’

Lisa and Lena

The most popular TikTok twins Lisa and Lena are no longer on TikTok. The 17-year-old beautiful blondes achieved global fame in a short period of time by their presence on TikTok. Together they started their journey from Musical.ly. Now renamed as TikTok after ByteDance purchased Musical.ly on December 10, 2015. People loved the twins for their short videos on TikTok. Especially of lip-synching and dancing on TikTok. The beautiful blond German twins Lisa and Lina had a fan following of more than 32 million on their TikTok account. It was the highest at that time. Their TikTok videos were all hit and had billions of views and likes.

But the German twins later decided to close theirTikTok account in March 2019. They also hinted that they would now venture to explore some other new interests. Leaving millions of TikTok fans behind. It wasn’t something that the fans saw coming their way. Many of their followers got upset and some even pleaded the twins to return back to TikTok. And many more wanted to know the reason behind their action of deleting TikTok account.

It’s has been six months since they left TikTok and moved forward with their lives. Still, many of their fans wonder why exactly did the infamous TikTok twins leave the platform. While the German twins are still active on Instagram. They have a large number of fan following in their Instagram account. As of today, 2019 Lisa and Lena have over 15 million followers on their Instagram account. It is an outstanding feat for anyone to achieve. Their posts on Instagram receives millions of views and half-a-million likes. It is enough to tell how influential these two talented beauties are. If nothing, they truly deserve to be known as the internet sensations.

So why did Lisa and Lena Left TikTok All Of A Sudden?

Lisa and lena twin sisters

Before the famous German twin influencers permanently deleted their TikTok account. They posted a handwritten note on TikTok intended to millions of their fans across the globe. In the note, there was a message for their fans. The note said, they will be closing their TikTok channel permanently. Also, they would no longer post anything on TikTok. Many of their followers commented on the video asking them not to do so. But, in the end, they did close down their TikTok account for good.

A few days later they came back and posted a story on their Instagram account clearing the doubts of their fans. In the story, they explained the true reason behind closing their TikTok account. The two explained “We thought about it a lot but to be honest we’ve been struggling with TikTok for a while now. We don’t have that much fun anymore like we used to have when we started. We also would like to thank you guys for your love and support.”

The two further explained, “The reason behind us leaving TikTok is because we are growing up. And our interests are changing and we want to achieve something better.” Another reason behind leaving the platform is because TikTok is not secure enough. “It is filled with many underaged people who are not mature enough to think and act responsively. The contents we post on TikTok reach these immature people. Not all of them have good intentions and so it is a bit insecure platform to post anything for us. On the contrary, Instagram has more grown-ups and they think rationally which is a good thing.”

Is TikTok Really Insecure/ Vulnerable?

Taking into account the current scenarios. It would be justified to say TikTok indeed lacks the necessary guidelines and security features. Although it is not a mandatory one. But taking into consideration how underage people are able to get their hands on the app. And the increasing number of underage users on the platform. It would be better if TikTok brings an age restriction feature for the app in the future.

What Are The Twins Up To Now?

lisa and lena youtube channel

Soon after the Twins left TikTok, they’ve been walking on some prestigious fashion show runways. They’ve been hosting award shows like the “German Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards”. They are also working on their new dream project on Youtube. Even after they left TikTok their popularity is on the rise. And they lead the race of the most influential internet personalities.

Now the gorgeous twin blonde beauties are back with their new and challenging project. Back in August they finally revealed what they have been working on in the past few months. When they were away from TikTok. The infamous twin beauties are now working together with Warner Music. On a completely different show on Youtube that will be full of entertainment. The name of the show is’ xLL‘. Every week a new video will be uploaded in their new Youtube channel xLL. This show is divided into four different categories. They are SNOOZE, REMARK, CHALLENGE, and EVERYTIME.

In SNOOZE, the video will feature the twins meeting up with singers, songwriters, musicians, and bands in the morning. And talking about their music, personal life and many more. While in REMARKS, the twins will be creating their own version of the existing music videos. For the CHALLENGE category, they will be seen battling and challenging other stars. Sometimes even compete with each other in weird, fun and entertaining challenges. And the last category, EVERYTIME is a sketch comedy based on different memes.

Finally whats it’s all about?

So far only two videos are added on their channel. The first video, is a REMAKE music video of the famous song, Blame it on your love by Charlie feat. Lizzo. It has collective views of 193 thousand so far in one week’s time. The second video falls under the SNOOZE category. Here the twins meet Maria Louise Joensen, formerly known as Aura Dione. They meet Aura and have an exclusive interview with her. They seem to enjoy their new passion and are dedicated to creating a new feat soon enough.

If you are a fan of these gorgeous German beauties, its not your fault actually. They deserve all the attention in the world for their untiring effort in chasing and living their dreams. It is a good thing that the two are back with us on a new platform with a new show. You can always visit their new Youtube channel xLL for fun and exciting videos.

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