Tiktok Hit or Miss Challenge

A Tiktok trend ‘hit or miss’ has been taking over the internet lately. If you hear someone randomly yelling the phrase ‘hit or miss’ in the public, it’s because of Tiktok. The social media platform influences users to make short-form lip-syncing videos. It has started a real-life challenge. The challenge is about people shout the phrase in public and wait for a response.

This all started, as written by the comedian and web developer Reed Kavner on Twitter. From the otherwise indistinct song released by the Atlanta-based hip-hop group “iLOVEFRiDAY.” However, the stanza released from the song, earlier this year, has meddled the real-life world and risen the Google searches for ‘hit or miss‘.

iLOVEFRiDAY’s song, “Mia Khalifa,” is a song attacking the Lebanese-American internet personality. She is also a former adult film star. As a response to a fake tweet where Mia Khalifa goes up against iLOVEFRiDAY member Smoke Hijabi, a Pakistani. For smoking, while wearing a hijab in the song ‘HATE ME’. The dispute started as she herself has shot an adult video wearing a hijab. Her video even attracted controversies and death threats from ISIS. But iLOVEFRiDAY thought it was a real tweet, and released an avenging diss track as a reply.

smoke hijabi tweet mia khalifa

The song, uploaded on Youtube in March 2018, went viral on the internet, and now has 70 million views on Youtube. The first main video that took upon the song “Mia Khalifa”, according to Kavner, was posted by a Tiktok user by the username @nyannyancosplay. In the video, she picked some of the catchy lyrics of the song. Her Tiktok video gave rise to thousands of similar videos. There are nearly 274 Tiktok videos with the hashtag “#hitormiss” at the present time.

It went so viral that it became a trump card for other Tiktok users. One of the Tiktok users, Thomas Ridgewell went to a Marshall’s and yelled “hit or miss”. To see if someone responded to it in the community. Luckily, someone in the public replied: “I guess I’ll never miss ya.” This way, the #TikTokTest was born.

Another guy, though he got the lyrics wrong, made a Tiktok video with the tag “hit or miss”. His video was popular enough to be noticed publicly. There are millions of Tiktok videos with that tag, where people yell that phrase and wait for the next verse as a response.

CONCLUSION: Though both of the public figures have headed their own ways, the challenge is still on hype to date. The fuss that all started with which was reportedly a fake tweet aroused many discussions and negativity too. But most importantly gave rise to a new Tiktok trend “hit or miss” that people can’t take off their mind of.

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