Best TikTok Alternative Apps For You

Do you not have access to TikTok anymore? Are you looking for TikTok alternative apps? Do you even know there are many apps alternative to TikTok? If you have these questions in your mind then here are the solutions to them.

TikTok, a short video creating and sharing app is used worldwide. We know how its popularity is growing like crazy. Even though it is a worldwide famous app and is used globally, it is banned in some regions. There are different causes and reasons for the ban of TikTok that varies over the regions, places, or country.

Perhaps, TikTok is put to the ban in your place, but, you can always look for other alternatives for TikTok. You might be searching for an alternative app for TikTok where the TikTok app is banned. So here are some of the most used alternative app for TikTok. By ‘TikTok alternative apps’, we mean those apps that are similar to TikTok. Perhaps, with some similar features as TikTok.

Mitron India

mitron india detail
The ‘Mitron India’ app, with 4.3 stars rating on Google Play Store.

Mitron India is one of the alternative apps for TikTok. Generally, you can go to Google Play Store and type ‘Mitron India’ to search for that app. You may easily find this alternative app. This alternative app, ‘Mitron India’, is also like TikTok where you can enjoy short videos from all around the world. You can view people and their videos that are connected to this app. You can even create your profile and videos in Mitron India. Also, share it with the people all around the world through this alternative app, just like in TikTok. You are free to download this alternative app in Google Play Store and use its features for free.


chingari-Indian short video app
An Indian short video app, Chingari – Original, is available on Google Play Store.

Chingari is another alternative app for TikTok just like ‘Mitron India’. This app is made in India. It is also a short video creating and sharing apps that can be an alternative to TikTok. Not only that, but you can also chat with your friends via this app. You can make friends from all around the world through this Chingari app. You can also play exciting games in this app, earn coins and win prizes. To download this alternative app, you can go to Google Play Store on your phone and type ‘Chingari’. You will find it easily. It is free to download this app and is also available in any language. It is definitely worth using this app as an alternative for TikTok.


Roposo app info
Indian’s own video app, Roposo is rated 4.5 stars in Google Play Store.

Roposo – Indian’s own video app is owned by India itself, where you can create your ideal short videos. And share them with your friends through this app that is available in more than 10 Indian languages. Not only creating and sharing short videos but you can also share your perfect images via Roposo. There are also exciting features like photo editing and video filters. You can also add stickers, GIFs, and effects included in this alternative app. You can create and share your videos not only to showcase your idea or creation. But also you can earn coins when your video is displayed and showcased in this application.

This alternative app for TikTok, Roposo is worth using. Because you can show off your talent and creation to the world. Adding along to it, you can earn coins while your video is shown in this app. If you want to check out this alternative app for TikTok then you can normally go to Google Play Store on your phone. Search for the app ‘Roposo’. It will show the app to you and you can download it for free easily.


triller app info
Information about the Triller app on Google Play Store.

An alternative app for TikTok, ‘Triller’, was founded by David Leiberman. It is owned by the United States. Leiberman co-founded this alternative app with Sammy Rubin. This alternative app is one of the great substitute application for TikTok. Triller is also one of the short video creating and sharing apps just like TikTok. This app includes the feature of a unique auto-editing algorithm. It helps you to create professional-looking videos within a minute. It also includes 100+ filters, emoji, drawing, and text to personalize your videos. Under this alternative app, you can collaborate with your friends all over the world, in a group video. You can also share your videos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, text, email, or save it to your camera roll. It is a free app so you can just go to Google Play Store and download it easily.


funimate app info
Video Editor and Music Clip Star Effects, Funimate, and app information.

Funimate is an entertaining app owned by Kemal Ugur from Turkey. This alternative app is a good substitute app for TikTok. It is the most fun video editing app to create short videos. Funimate includes some great features like cool video effects. So, you can also create your own effects. It also includes emojis, stickers, text to videos, video merger, cut, and trim videos. Editing and cropping short videos, video loops, and music video community are also provided as other features. You can share your videos worldwide or even in private via WhatsApp directly through the app. If you want to check out this app then you can go to Google Play Store and download it freely.


dubsmash app info
App info about Dubsmash from Google Play Store.

Here is another alternative app for TikTok that is non-other than Dubsmash. Dubsmash has once ruled over the whole world before the release of the TikTok app. It was popular worldwide once in a while. This app is a New York-based video creating and sharing application for iOS and Android. It was founded in Germany in 2016. As in the TikTok app, you can record and upload your videos in Dubsmash. It imparts the features like emojis, stickers, filters, and adding text to videos to make it perfect and amaze viewers all around the whole world. You can also record duets with other users from all corners of the world.

Dubsmash provides the latest and the most relevant videos for you that are on trending feed. You can also catch up with everything that you followed in the following feed. If you want to share your video with your friend off-platform then it is very easy. You may share it via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Youtube, and many more. There is another feature that is a direct message. You can text directly to anyone who is connected with you through this app. You can check out this worthy app. It is a free app so you can download it easily by going through the Google Play Store on your phone.


The aforementioned are some apps that hold up a chance to replace TikTok. These are not the official replacement for TikTok. Even though, these apps impart similar features like in TikTok. It depends on the user how they will like these alternative apps for TikTok. In any way, you probably won’t deny these are fun to use. Also, let us tell you there are other apps available that can be an alternative to TikTok.

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