The Best Tiktok Memes Of 2019: All The Best Memes, Challenges, And Dances And How To Find Them

Tiktok’s increasing army of content creators breaks the internet yet again on the reg. But as a short-video platform, the new Vine-like social media network has quite a bit of a learning twist. Especially if you are yet not familiar with its working patterns.

Since its launch back in 2017, the micro-video blogging platform outdid more than one-billion active users as of February. Refilling the void of short, user-generated videos. Ones that were once left after Vine, developed by parent company Twitter, retired in 2016. However, Tiktok is not only limited to being a Vine clone. Its immense rise to virality started with the now non-functioning lip-syncing social media app Which was later acquired by a Chinese tech company called ByteDance in 2017. It renamed as Tiktok and even used its lip-syncing feature. In order, to transform the platform into an enormous and hilarious talent show of creativity that never ends.

Using the new and upgraded Tiktok, its users can sync and edit the short-videos they shot on their smartphones. Using the fragments of audios from songs, films or voice notes. This has introduced a new and unique remixing platform that receives a fortune of mouthful videos. And most of the popular meme formats are visualized around certain songs or audio.

Tiktok recreated how we imagine, create, and consume memes. While some of the active users use this video-creating app to document their daily life, cool art, or even raw comedy. Memes and challenges are a major attraction and Tiktok’s ongoing joint format. It ensures that once a meme or challenge starts circulating within the platform itself and on other platforms, it is sure to quickly evolve.

YouTube, if you will see, now is filled with Tiktok meme compilations. But you might be wondering which one is the best. Unlike other socializing apps Instagram and Twitter, most of the content that goes viral on Tiktok is the ones from notable people. People like influencers or celebrities. It’s completely user-generated in the truest sense of the word. With the Tiktok app, you don’t follow any account, you follow hashtags. The memes that showcase one’s creativity and sensibility rise to the top. They make it big on the platform. Here are some of the best Tiktok memes of 2019- so far.

The Best Tiktok Memes of 2019

1. ‘Old Town Road’:

best tiktok memes

Music and sound clips are a crucial part of Tiktok. Now with the Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road video,’ we got to know how one launches songs on the platform. In early 2019, Lil Nas X a singer started what was known as the ‘Yee Yee Juice’ or the ‘Yee-Haw Challenge’ in his single. In which the people’s dresses turn into ‘country’ for a moment when Lil Nas X says, “I got the horses on the back.” The challenge, no doubt, helped push the song on the top of the charts. The song, however, was removed from the Hot Country Songs chart for not being country enough. So Lil Nas X got a helping hand in Billy Ray Cyrus for a remix, after which the ‘Old Town Road’ shot to the top.

2. Here’s the motherf**king tea

best tiktok memes

The concept was simple enough. An eighteen-years old Sammie Lewis sticks a straw into a giant Starbucks tea. She then takes a big gulp, and states “Here’s the motherf**king tea”. And dramatically tapping the screen in between words for emphasis. She was discussing and criticizing the people who wear glasses. But don’t need them and in other similar videos of her, Lewis talks about whatever is on her mind (the ‘tea’). But people who viewed the video snapped right at the intro, which could be turned into any direction. And because one can share any kind of audio on Tiktok, the meme evolved into something else entirely in no time.

3. DNA Test:

best tiktok memes

Tiktokers fell in love with Lizzo and her song “Truth hurts”. It was the perfect compliment for the DNA test meme. The Tiktok users create videos of themselves singing the line ‘Just took a DNA test and turns out I’m 100% that bitch’. But they put their own twisted humor on what comes after ‘100%’

4. Bitch, I’m Bella Thorne:

best tiktok memes

This meme is one of those multi-layered memes. In one repetition, the Tiktok users are seen imitating the audio from the actress Bella Thorne’s Disney Channel PSA. About growing up with dyslexia. In another repetition, Bella Thorne’s song “Bitch I am Bella Thorne”. And depicts people battling with performing tasks such as getting dressed or washing their hands. Mocking people isn’t funny at all. But here in Tiktok, there were quite fascinating explorations of physical comedy.

5. The Git Up Challenge:

Dance Challenges are the easiest and effective ornaments of Tiktok. At the moment, it’s the Git Up Challenge that is getting all the spotlight they need on Tiktok. This dance challenge was inspired by the country rap singer Blanco Brown’s 2019 song ‘The Git Up’. But it was actually Tiktok user Harvey Bass who brought this challenge to TikTok. He had posted a video of himself dancing to the song in a classroom in early June. The meme has accumulated more than 4.7 million likes and hence why the video trend kickstarted.

You can search for the #gitupchallenge on the Tiktok app itself. Get access to a stream of hundreds of millions of videos that were inspired by the smooth moves of Harvey Bass.

6. Circle of Social Media:

Usually, the best TikTok memes don’t have their particular names. This makes them quite difficult to keep up with. That’s why people are calling it the Circle of Social Media meme that has started to pace up on the app itself. This genre of meme uses the audio clip from the 2016 “Lion King-Circle of Life Parody (Virtual Life)”. It was posted by the YouTube comedic duo Dustin and Genevieve. In the meme, the Lion King lyrics are replaced with a line about checking the social media. Surprisingly, many Tiktok users have created the song in their own versions. Simply by lip-syncing to the opening line of Dustin and Genevieve’s parody song.

Since the meme is nameless, finding it on the app can be a bit tricky. Tiktok users will first need to find the audio files that all the other similar memes use. It can be done by tapping the spinning record on the bottom right of any post. To make it easy for you, we have found the circle of social media stream on the Tiktok app.

7. Disgustang:

Let me enlighten you with the fact that music isn’t the only way to kick off on Tiktok. Even audio clips from songs, films, and YouTube videos are often remixed and used by users in their own clips. The Disgustang meme got initiated in 2013. With a video showing two Scottish girls getting scolded by their mom for not flushing the toilet. Now 7 years later, Tiktok has transformed it into something unrecognizable. The meme includes lots of horse masks, sock puppets, and even dogs.

There have been more than 38k Disgustang tagged videos posted on the platform. There are chances of having plenty more where those came from.

8, Are You Emo?

best tiktok memes

The ‘Are You Emo?’ meme expresses a much more distinct response. A girl named Olivia Giordano enacts bullies that would question her if she was emo? In that low-key mean-girl tone. And the concept circulated to other users (and platforms) as a way to deal with the trauma of adolescence.

9. Divorce:

best tiktok memes

In actual life, the term ‘Divorce’ is quite messy and traumatizing. But here on Tiktok, it’s a popular Challenge or a Performance. This astounding trend of people mourning and announcing their divorces online started last year. But the ‘real’ videos of people immediately became unrecognizable among the videos of people parodying the trend. The videos show users cosplaying getting ‘Tiktok married’ or ‘Tiktok divorced.’ It’s hard to understand, but it’s fun.

10. Not My Generation:

best tiktok memes

The teens acting in this challenge have definitely seen the romantic-comedies. The challenge is soundtracked by Joy’s ‘New Flesh’. The Tiktok users take tracks from the ’80s and ’90s movies and reuse them. A few of the Tiktok users went back even further into the 20th century. Or even little too far into the future. Or maybe just three years ago. Time flows fast on Tiktok.

11. Dear Kitten:

best tiktok memes

This Bella Thorne’s meme proves that Tiktok can restore older content into new, modified, and interesting content. The source material here is the 2014 BuzzFeed video. It is reused to recite the videos of cats staring at their reflections. And tolerating new cats in the family, and chasing bugs.

12. Four Generations:

best tiktok memes

Although most of the TikTok videos are weird and much-hype. This ‘Four Generations’ meme is an emotional one. This challenge initiated on the Chinese app Douyin before it went viral on Tiktok. This meme is pretty straight-forward: Four generations of the same family get into a room one at a time. This meme will make you want to call your mom too.

13. Microwave Challenge:

best tiktok memes

One of the Tiktok user @djtaylortot created the first microwave challenge video. In which he sits on the floor and slowly spins to Joji’s “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” The challenge improved by time and other users kept their own creative and artistic twist to it. Some of the videos even showed how some people were pulling off the illusion pretty well.

14. Chin on palm:

best tiktok memes

The “Chin on palm” challenge is much like what the name suggests itself. It is literally someone putting their chin on someone else’s palm or a cupped hand. The challenge is also known as the “You can count on me” challenge on the platform. It is simply a reference to the song that accompanies most of such clips. As the official report states, it initiated in South Korea as the #Iamyourvalentine challenge. And when it evolved to Tiktok, the content got weirder and in most of the videos, dogs were included. This challenge switched to Twitter as well. But people on Twitter caught suspicion of the challenge.

15. I am inevitable:

Image result for im inevitable tiktok meme

Here’s a catchy phrase said by the supervillain, Thanos. In the record-breaking Marvel superhero movie Avengers: Endgame. It has been transformed into a massive Tiktok meme that has been posted about more than 25,000 times by now.

The videos show people lip-syncing to the movie’s most memorable quote. One in which Thanos, in a quest to kill half of the universe, says “I’m inevitable.” After which Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., responds to the phrase sarcastically saying “And I’m Iron Man.” The audio clip was later edited by YouTuber Austin Tube. He replaced the line of Tony Stark with a new line “And I’m Kanye West.” The original which was posted in May only managed to receive around 10,000 views. But, the remix has taken a new life on the platform. Here is the link to one of such videos.

16. Furry Potato:
Much like social media needs people. They also require a healthy amount of cute and adorable animals on the platform. TikTok is no different. The highlighting meme for all the cute pets on Tiktok is the “Furry Potato” meme. The meme is a minute-long video made by YouTuber Lucidchart. In the meme, he creates different cute and lovable names for guinea pigs.

In Tiktok’s version users show off their pet cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other kinds of furry. And all the indistinct companions that can be viewed as a furry companion. As of now, the “furry potato” memes have been viewed for like more than 900k times on the platform.

CONCLUSION: The above mentions memes, dances, and challenges are among those that made it big on the platform. Some made it to other platforms as well. Links to some of the memes are given above. For others, you can go to YouTube and check it out.

Keeping up with the memes and challenges on Tiktok might be difficult. And sometimes it gets quite annoying too. However, if you know the name of the audio clip or the song the memes are based upon. You can quickly search for them on the platform. Another way is to know the hashtags of the memes and challenges. Keep Tiktoking and visit us for more on TikTok.

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