Popular Homosexual Couples on TikTok

TikTok is a fast-growing socializing platform, flooded with new and interesting challenges and memes. That is super entertaining for both users to create and post videos. Also, the viewers are entertained as well. The content may vary from comedy, funny acts, dance videos to lip-syncing, and pranks. Overall, you can create and find any videos of your choice. Exploring more about Tiktok, people have got a brand new platform. Here, they can showcase their talent all-embracing their fans and entertaining the viewers. Some TikTokers are getting popularity for their comedy and humorous acts. Whereas, some are well-known for amusing dance and singing talents. You can find your favorite TikTok stars or celebrities on TikTok.

Well, now, let’s move on to the main topic. Obviously, rather than other couples, homosexual couples have to struggle a lot more to reign in the hearts of millions of people. Here are some of the top famous homosexual couples. They have successfully amassed millions of followers on this platform of TikTok. They proved that they too are no less than anyone. LGBT society and people are coming out too. Hence, today everyone knows them and loves them too. These people are inspiring me, you, and the world. Well, take a look below by yourself.

Note: The number of followers (fans), likes (hearts) and total videos posted may vary with time.

#1) Sebbyjon and Monty Keates


imagine if this started a chain of lgbt couples🧐 tag your favs to duet this!! #foryou #viral #lgbt

♬ New Thang – Redfoo

  • Full Name: Sebbyjon
  • Birthday: June 16, 1999
  • Birthplace: England
  • Age: 21 years old
  • TikTok ID: @sebbbyjon
  • Fans on TikTok: 2.7M
  • Total Hearts: 67.5M
  • Instagram: sebbyjonn

Dating: Since 2019

  • Full Name: Monty Keates
  • Birthday:  June 17, 2002
  • Birthplace: England
  • Age: 18 years old
  • TikTok ID: @montykeates
  • Fans on TikTok: 619K
  • Total Hearts: 27.6M
  • Instagram: montykeates

Sebbyjon and Monty Keates are trending cute gay TikTok stars. They make videos in order to raise more LGBTQ+ Visibility. Sebbyjon is a comedy and acting video creator on the platform of Tiktok. He generally uses hashtags #actingwars, #foryoupage, #comedy and #dance. On the other side, Monty Keates is known for his creative content. His TikTok videos include his unique dance moves and original cover songs. Not only that, but he is also famous for featuring his friends in his videos which he shares with his over 550,000 fans. These couples are famous for their comedy, dancing videos. Spicing it up, they show off their romance on their TikTok videos.

Interesting Facts! The couple seems to be very happy and grabbing many people’s attraction. Monty Keate’s first video was a cover of him singing the Vance Joy song Riptide. They have been dating since 2019. Their most popular video “Two bros chilling in a hot tub” on Tiktok has earned over 700K views.

#2) Abbie Ensign and Julia Ensign


she married us! We love a supportive queen ❤️ #grandma #grandmother #lesbian #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Emma Ferris

  • Full Name: Abbie Ensign
  • Birthday: June 24, 1996
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Birthplace: United States
  • TikTok ID: @abbie.ensign
  • Fans on TikTok: 581.1K
  • Total Hearts: 13.1M
  • YouTube Channel: Abbie Ensign

Married: May 2018

  • Full Name: Julia Ensign
  • Birthday: October 15, 1994
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Birthplace: United States
  • TikTok ID: @julia.ensign
  • Fans on TikTok: 581.1K
  • Total Hearts: 13.1M
  • YouTube Channel: Abbie Ensign

Abbie Ensign and Julia Ensign are adorable and popular lesbian couples on Tiktok. Not only that, but they are also YouTube Star from the United States. Both are famous not only on TikTok but on other social media too. They are ruling over Instagram and YouTube as well.  Abbie vlogged about her addiction to cake pops in late 2017. They are happy, romantic, and the perfect matching couple. They have their own YouTube channel together called Abbie Ensign. Their wedding day video was viewed more than 5 million times. They are the best travel, lifestyle, and LGBTQ content creator. Especially for running a joint YouTube channel with her wife Abbie Ensign.

Interesting Facts! These Lesbian couples are appeared to cause a sensation on YouTube as well. They are famous for their lifestyle, prank videos. Julia and Abbie are currently expecting their first child in 2020. They revealed that they’ll be welcoming a baby boy.

#3) Crissa Jackson and Alexis Fox


🖤 el amor es muy raro cuando lo encuentres, asegúrate de sujetarte [email protected]_ace love is very rare when you find it keep it. 🖤

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

  • Full Name: Crissa Jackson
  • Birthday:  October 26, 1989
  • Birthplace: California, U.S. state
  • Age: 30 years old
  • TikTok ID: @crissa_ace
  • Fans on TikTok: 8.7M
  • Total Hearts: 213.7M
  • Videos on Tiktok: 508

Married: December 18, 2017

  • Full Name: Alexis Fox
  • Birthday:  November 20, 1984
  • Birthplace: Miami, Florida
  • Age: 35 years old
  • TikTok ID: @alexisthatfox
  • Fans on TikTok: 2.4M
  • Total Hearts: 33.1M
  • Videos on Tiktok: 220

Crissa Jackson and Alexis Fox are popular and talented lesbian couples. They have successfully rested in the heart of millions of people. Alexis Fox is an American model. She is best known as the 2013 Playmate of the Year for the South African edition of Playboy. She started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. Whereas, Crissa Jackson is the best basketball player and a point guard. She joined the Harlem Globetrotters in 2015. The best part of their TikTok videos is that they make videos in trending music, creating beats. Not to miss, Crissa dribbles to the song beat almost in every video. Not only that, they attract people with their beautiful dance moves, lifestyle, and lip-sync video clips. These couples got married happily on December 18, 2017.

Interesting Facts! Crissa Jackson became the 13th female player in the history of the Globetrotters. And Alexis Fox is one of the famous actresses in the world of cinema. Their most popular video “New Dance a mosquito bit me on my stomach” has earned over 3.5 million views.

#4) Matthew and Ryan


Meeting his parents for the first time… 🏳️‍🌈 Remember, being YOU is never wrong, no matter what anyone says 🏳️‍🌈 #lgbt #pride #comingout

♬ Heaven – Amy Allen

  • Full Name: Matthew Mackinnon
  • Birthday:  December 2, 1992
  • Birthplace: England
  • Age: 27 years old
  • TikTok ID: @matthewandryanuk
  • Fans on TikTok: 2.6M
  • Total Hearts: 119.7M
  • Videos on Tiktok: 508

Dating: Since 2019

  • Full Name: Ryan Payne
  • Birthday:  December 14, 1994
  • Birthplace: England
  • Age: 25 years old
  • TikTok ID: @matthewandryanuk
  • Fans on TikTok: 2.6M
  • Total Hearts: 119.7M
  • Videos on Tiktok: 508

Mathew and Ryan are the famous English Tiktok star. They are best recognized for dancing, vlogging, and style-related videos. They started posting to TikTok in June of 2018 mainly with comedy skits and pranks. Later they expanded to more beauty and makeup drove content in July of 2018.

Interesting Facts! Mathew has created content for the songs of Billie Eilish and Yael Naim. Whereas, Ryan is known for being the CEO of OUT Cosmetics. They share lifestyle-driven content as well as humorous videos for their millions of followers.

Besides these homosexual couples, there are still many more on this platform who have been able to win the heart of millions of people. Of course, these are not the limits. There are many more adorable, popular, and viral couples out there. In TikTok, you obviously will find many gay or homosexual couples exclusive. They may be amongst the above-mentioned couples or many more happy couples out of this list. You can explore much more by yourself too. This also shows how people and society are modernized in the context of same-gender marriage and homosexual love.

Spread love. Love, laugh and live, and go TikTok!!

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