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Celebrity look-alikes

There is a common theory that there are seven look-alikes of a person in this world. But how often do they cross paths? It would be nearly impossible to meet one’s own look-alike unless you are a celebrity. Yes, you heard it right. Unless you are a celebrity, coming across one’s look-alike is a miracle. Well, one might argue that twins are look-alike of each other in most of the cases. And yes you are correct to assume that. In fact, twins are more than just look alike as they share the same biological bond as their parents.

Like I mentioned look-alikes are uncommon unless you are a celebrity and of course twins. With the growth in popularity of the short mobile video-sharing app, TikTok. There have been many cases of celebrity look-alike popping up on the platform. Many of them are making good use of their resemblance to real-life celebrities. While some of them complain about attracting unwanted attention and loss of identity. They fear people would judge them for their similarities in looks and not by their actual talent. Either way, a lot of videos of the celebrity doppelganger have surfaced over the platform. Some of them even went viral over the internet overnight.

We previously talked about Priyanka Kandwal on Rise Of New Age Madhubala On TikTok“. She made her mark overnight with her lip-sync videos on old Hindi songs. Especially on songs that were featured on the late actress Madhubala. Today we will be talking about some of the popular celebrity TikTok doppelgangers. These celebrity doppelgangers share uncanny resemblance to already popular celebrities in real life. And gained popularity on the platform because of their acting and performance skills.

We have listed the top 5 celebrity TikTok doppelganger below. You can also find their details along with their TikTok username and who they resemble in real life. Make sure you follow them and have a great time staying on TikTok.

Top 5 celebrity doppelganger on TikTok:

1.Alina Rai:

Alina Rai is the latest Btown celebrity doppelganger recently discovered on TikTok. At first glance, one might confuse her for Katrina Kaif. She is a hot topic among the fans as she has an uncanny resemblance to Btown actress Katrina Kaif. Alina Rai is a model by profession, who attracted attention because of her TikTok videos. In her videos, she can be seen performing and acting like the Btown actress. Many of her followers even compliment her for her resemblance in their comments. Here are a few comments passed on to her videos by the viewers on TikTok.

@Harpalsingh911 commented, “Katrina Kaif look… beautiful queen”.

@dhanraj_s1ngh complimented “More beautiful than Kat :)”.

@8285pp even said, “your hubby so lucky …usko kaitreena see beautiful wife milegi”.

TikTok username: @ailinarai007

Followers: 499.2k

2. Kylie Stokes:

Kylie Stokes is another TikTok user who has made a name for herself on TikTok. Stokes shares an uncanny resemblance to famous Hollywood actress Emma Watson. She looks just like Emma Watson and many of her fans compliment her for her resemblance to Emma Watson. Her TikTok videos get hundreds of thousand views on the platform. Here are a few comments passed on to her TikTok videos by her followers.

A fan @zelda__grace_h commented, “U look like Emma “.

Another TikTok user @Itz_yagirl_maisie questioned, “Are you the girl who played Harry Potter”.

@cristal_and_a_o questioned, “Emma it that you???!??!?”.

TikTok username: @kyliestorkes3

Followers: 517.0K

3.Vampy Jordan:

Vampy Jordan is another TikTok user who is a perfect look-alike of Johnny Depp. He is popular among TikTok users for his amazing acting performances in his videos. This guy is a born performer and you would certainly enjoy watching his TikTok videos. Here are some of the comments passed on to him in his TikTok videos:

@craigverrall commented, “is it me or does he look a bit like jonny depp?”.

@strong_passion79 a TikTok user swore, “i swear you look nearly like Jonny Depp”.

@yvonna.bacon another TikTok user and a follower even questioned “Are you Johnny Depp’s son or something??? Like for real”.

TikTok username:@vampyjordan

Followers: 254.8k

4. Kinjal More:

Kinjal More is popular among her followers on TikTok for her acting skills. She has a striking resemblance to Btown gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone. She is often seen acting on Bollywood movie dialogues in her videos. Many of her followers admire her beauty and her looks. If you ask me, she indeed resembles Btown actress Deepika Padukone in many ways. Here are some of the comments she receives from her fans in her TikTok videos:

@muskan70264 a TikTok user greeted her saying “Heyy deepika”.

@payalswami2810 another TikTok user complemented saying “finally leela is back”.

@aarz_ commented in her video “You look like such a Deepika Padhukone”.

TikTok username:@kinjal_more

Followers: 217.2k

5. Imran:

Imran has recently attracted attention with his TikTok videos. His facial features that resemble popular Bollywood star Ranbir Sing a lot. Although one can easily tell the differences between him and his celebrity counterpart. He has gained a good fan base on TikTok for his acting skills and looks similar to Ranbir Sing. Here are some of the comments he received in his TikTok videos.

@mahaveerjain868 a TikTok user commented in one of his videos “ranveer sing copy”.

@rohitnaiya1 another TikTok user complimented “aa ranbir bhai ey gujrati niykla ho”.

Tiktok username:@imran_jam

Followers: 187.9k

Here below are some other Celebrity look-alike on TikTok:

6. Queenrakhi: TikTok username: @queen_rakhi15

Followers: 642.1k

7. Bebojethwa: TikTok username:@bebojethwa

Followers: 349.9k

Final Thoughts:

Celebrity Doppelgangers are very common in TikTok. Some of them resemble the overall physic of the celebrity. While others share just a few facial attributes. One can easily be fooled by mistaking them for real celebrities. But not for long since it is difficult to match their standards. These celebrity look-alikes are gaining popularity on the Platform. You could say their resemblance to celebrities is to be blamed for their popularity. But it is not completely the case. They work hard to make good content on the platform and have gained thousands of followers. People love them for their work and dedication and not just because of their resemblance.

Some of them like being the look-alike. They happily adopt the lifestyle of their celebrity counterparts. Some even go to the lengths just to make them appear more like the real ones. This is their love and compassion as a follower. While others have a problem when people compare them with real-life celebrities. They work so hard to make their own identity in the world. All they want is to stand out and become popular as unique individuals. This comes to show that there are both advantages and drawbacks to resembling a star. So, we better not judge them rather just sit back and enjoy their amazing videos.

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