Instagram’s New Story Camera Mode ‘Clips’ (Rumour): Is it Copycat of TikTok’s Video Editing Features?

Reportedly Instagram, a photo-video sharing platform is working on its new story camera mode called “Clips”. Rumors have it that Instagram has been working on these new features for quite a long time now. It wasn’t known to the general public. Until Jane Manchun Wong, developer and blogger wrote an article. In her article, she told that Instagram’s new story camera mode features are copied from Tik-Tok a famous short video sharing app. When asked about the matter to Instagram, it chose to remain quiet for the time being.

Jane Manchun Wong

If Jane is correct, the new story camera mode from Instagram will allow users to record segments of videos and merge them into a single video. There is also the feature of the music overlay. Much like TikTok and things do not stop there, users can also adjust the speed and timer for each video segment. She also mentions that a few other features such as effects and filters might also be copied from TikTok. Once the new story camera mode is released.

This is not the first time a tech giant is attempting to implement a copy-technology. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram have done it several times before. Facebook has been copying many different features from Snapchat from time to time. You can also read more details about Facebook copying various features below.

Features Facebook Copied from Snapchat:

1. Instagram copied Snapchat’s feature Stories:

One of the most popular features of Instagram at present is the “Stories” feature. It was copied from Snapchat. Not just did they copied their features, they gained more popularity than Snapchat. After adding the “Stories” feature.

2. Facebook brings Snapchat’s features to its camera:

Facebook’s face swap feature is another copy of Snapchat. It allows users to add masks, frames, and filters to photos and videos. Previously Snapchat introduced these features.

3. Facebook’s Stories feature:

It allows Facebook users to share their stories in the form of photos and videos. The story appears as a second newsfeed and is displayed only for 24 hours. It is quite popular these days among Facebook users. The fact is it was also copied from Snapchat.

There are a few other features that are copied from Snapchat by Facebook. Most of them were a flop when Facebook introduced them to its platform.

So Why Do Tech Giants Copy-Cat?

We have come to experience ourselves that it is a common practice for tech giants. To mirror their opponent’s functionality and features. Sometimes they just mimic features and introduce to the public under a different name. And sometimes they copy only a few features and give them their own touch. On every occasion one thing holds true. They only copy the most popular features from other tech companies. Take Instagram’s “Stories” feature for example. This feature was copied from Snapchat stories. It was a hit already before Instagram copied the feature. And interestingly enough, Instagram’s feature “Stories” became even more popular. This was all thanks to Facebook’s influential nature. And also due to Instagram’s more than a billion users.

The Tech industry is getting more and more competitive every day. They fight to seek the ‘s attention. So, it is very important to keep users occupied with the ures and services they desire the most. It is a huge challenge for Tech companies in coming up with new technologies on a regular basis. Even Facebook, currently the largest tech company cannot afford to do so. Developing new features and technologies requires a huge amount of time and investment. And even doing so does not guarantee whether the people will like it or not. There are many examples of such incidences in the past. Since not every new feature or technology will satisfy the users.

In these circumstances, the tech companies are left with only two options. The first one is to take over a startup whose features are liked by the users. You can find the list of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook here.

And the second option is a questionable one which is to copy other’s technology and features. Then implement them on their own platform. This is what Instagram is trying to do with TikTok’s features.

Will Instagram Succeed in Attracting TikTok User’s Attention?

TikTok is currently the leading short video sharing app. It claims to have more than 500 million active users worldwide. It is quite a remarkable feat achieved by TikTok over the past few years. Their popularity is based on their unique features. The features which allow users to make and share their creative videos on the platform. TikTok offers a wide range of video editing features on its camera app. The users can make a video by merging segments of videos, apply many different filters. They can adjust the timer and speed of each segment of the video independently. Plus there are millions of soundtracks for the users to choose from. To integrate into their TikTok videos.

Although TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity in a very short period of time. The question still remains i.e. for how long will it be able to hold the users into the platform? Since, when it comes to TikTok, a study showed that most of the TikTok users often tend to leave the platform within the first 30 days of downloading the app. Things are not looking great for TikTok in the long run. And if the so-called “Clips” feature comes to Instagram as rumored. Things will become much more difficult for TikTok. Since Instagram can easily benefit from its more than a billion users worldwide. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram is the most influential tech company. It is backed up by more than 2.7 billion users across its different app.

TikTok might soon lose its face when Instagram introduces the “Clips” feature. The feature that is supposedly copied from TikTok. It would be interesting to see how TikTok is going to counter the situation in their favor. But knowing the influential nature of Facebook. It would be a difficult challenge to overcome for TikTok. Even so, it isn’t the right time to feel bad TikTok fans. Things might turn out differently since it is only a rumor at the moment. So for the time being keep having fun and keep TikToking.

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