How to Get Viral on Tiktok | Being Popular on Tiktok

Tiktok is today’s hottest media sensation. This app lets users create and share 15-second short videos. VIdeos of lip-synching, dancing, and skits that are sweeping the globe by storm. TikTok has been downloaded about 80 million times in the United States and 800 million times worldwide. According to data from mobile research firm Sensor Tower that excludes Android users in China.

Seeing videos on Tiktok with millions of views can make you wonder — where did they all come from. You can’t force something to go viral. You gotta have a combination of having something people want to see and being lucky.

To make your videos viral, you must show your hard work in your videos. If you think making videos with dialogue lip-sync will go viral then you are totally wrong. Only the dialogue videos of people with a large number of followers (TikTok celebrities) go viral. Here are some of the ideas to get viral on TikTok:

  • Use trending hashtags for your videos

The easiest and useful idea to get viral is following the trend. A large amount of viral and trending content on TikTok takes the form of challenges. TikTok challenges usually involve using a particular song or sound clip. They are usually accompanied by a hashtag. Make full use of trending hashtags and songs. Since the system features your video by the hashtags. You could produce videos that relate to current, popular hashtags, and use them in your captions. Sometimes people make viral challenges using hashtags. This is the ideal opportunity for you to make a video that you can place in front of many people.

One of the biggest viral trends on TikTok in 2018 was the ‘Hit or Miss’ meme where people lipsynced to iLOVEFRIDAY’s song ‘Mia Khalifa.’ @nyannyancosplay, a muser who made a video wearing cosplay costumes, became an internet sensation. After he posted a video with the hashtag ‘#hitormiss.

Some of the most popular trends on TikTok can be found via the search page. Most trends, memes, and challenges are associated with a specific hashtag.

  • Try to make an original video.

Its always better to create your original videos. If you are confident and have the right kind of talent, please make your original content video. There is a huge bulk of users to make lip-synch videos. Never think you will get viral by just lip-synching songs and dialogues. Only the people with a large number of followers get viral by lip-synching. You are far more likely to stand out from the crowd if you can create something original. Most famous influencers on Tiktok made their names by providing original material.

  • Use proper soundtracks for your video.

Choosing a piece of good music for your Tiktok video is very crucial. You need to understand what kind of soundtrack can attract your viewers. We can’t taste, smell or touch the video, the only way we can fell it is by watching and listening. There are various soundtracks available in the Tiktok library. But you have to choose the best or use your own soundtrack to make a pure gem.

  • Upload high-quality video.

If you want to get popular, you have to be one of the users with a fun, quality videos. The better your videos, the more popular your videos will become. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford professional cameras, but if you do have access to a better camera, use it. And make sure that match background music for your video, not background noise.

These are some of the important tips to make your videos go viral on Tik Tok. You cannot expect your videos to be viral just by sitting inside your room ma lip-syncing songs. You need to make some genuine efforts to make your videos go viral. These tips can be helpful to you.

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