How To Earn From TikTok?

Do you enjoy using TikTok? Do you know people are earning from TikTok? Well, do you also want to earn from TikTok while enjoying it? Want to know how you can make money from TikTok and monetize TikTok account? If so, then read out this article, it can help you out.

TikTok, a social media app, is now growing as social commerce. This fact is perking ears of every people, especially entrepreneurs. It is not false if you have heard about making money from TikTok. Yes, you can earn from TikTok, simply posting relatable videos and contents. Here, you can read and find out how one can make money by just posting short videos on TikTok.

Learn about the following methods that can help you earn good money and generate revenue from TikTok.

1. Growing and Selling Profile

The first way to make money from TikTok is growing account and then selling it. Many people are adopting this method to make revenue. What you have to do is create a TikTok account, select your niche. Then create contents that can attract people who can be the ideal customer for your product. You can take advantage of the TikTok algorithm to help grow your account with huge numbers of followers. Then sell the account to the appropriate niche.

2. Going Live and Collecting Donations

Collection of coins in a glass jar
A jar with coins collected inside it.

This is a built-in monetization platform in which you can collect donations from your viewers on TikTok. On your TikTok account, go to the settings and you can purchase coins, also, check your balance. You can buy the coins by paying a certain amount as per the coin. If you are a creator then you can go live on TikTok in order to promote your product or your content. While going live on TikTok, you can receive coins from the viewers. You can collect the coins and then turn them into diamonds. Afterwards, you can convert those diamonds into cash via PayPal.

3. Ads Platform

TikTok ads platform website
TikTok website to sign up and access to TikTok ads platform.

TikTok advertising is one of the profitable and effective forms of marketing. You can use the TikTok advertising platform as a service. In order to check out the ads services of TikTok, visit the website Sign up into it in order to access their services. You can promote your brands and products on TikTok. This can help to expand your business and increase your customers too.

4. Cross-Promote between Channels

Different social media app
Different social media app displayed on a mobile screen.

We can see many other TikTok users promoting their established channels on social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others including TikTok. This is what we call cross-platform between channels. For example, if you have a Youtube channel, you can post the contents on TikTok that can be kind of advertising your Youtube channel or vice versa. In such a way you can distribute your viewers and also expand the numbers of viewers and followers as well. You can use this cross-platform method not only with Youtube but also with other social media whatever you can see considerable to grow on TikTok. This will help you not only grow your TikTok profile but also your other profiles or channels as well. So, why not use this method to increase revenue from all aspects.

5. Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Do you realize that some famous creators or users on TikTok promoting some brands and sponsorships on their videos? Now if you ask the question “Do they get paid for it?”. The answer shortly is “Yes”. Perhaps, you can be one of them and make good money by creating such contents for the promotion of brands. Also, you can receive sponsorships as well. All you have to do is create entertaining TikTok videos and collect a huge number of followers on your TikTok account. The important aspects are quality content and consistency.

According to TikTok, the sponsorship opportunities start to present themselves once you reach the 250k follower threshold. If you are interested in this, you should include a business email in your TikTok bio so that brands can know you are open to deals and sponsorship opportunities.

6. Influencer Campaigns

Now, this is a passive way to receive revenue from TikTok. By which it means you need not have to be an active creator on TikTok. You can act as a broker between a creator on TikTok and a brand. Being a middleman, you will have to make an agreement between parties and manage both the parties. Then you can charge a service fee to manage such campaigns and this is how you can make some serious money on TikTok.

7. Management and Consulting Services

This is another method to generate revenue from TikTok for which you don’t have to be an active creator on TikTok. However, you will have to reach out to creators or brands on TikTok and offer them services to help with their content strategy and management. For this, you might need to have a background in production or storytelling. Or, also you can help them get any deals or influencer agreements. For such services, you can charge a fee for being their consultant and helping them go viral on TikTok.

8. Compilations of TikTok videos

TikTok videos compilation image
Compilations of TikTok videos shown in an image.

This is also one of the effective methods to make a good sum of earnings from TikTok. You will need to have a TikTok account but not necessary to be active on TikTok. You can use your TikTok account in order to view TikTok videos that are getting viral. Also, need not mention, you will require a TikTok account to download the viral and hilarious videos on TikTok in order to make compilations.

Making compilations of TikTok videos is truly one of the major ways that people are making money from TikTok. You can make a compilation of related TikTok videos and then upload it on your Youtube channel. People search for the most hilarious, comedic, cringiest, scariest, best or new TikTok videos on Youtube. So take the advantage and go for a Youtube channel where you can upload such TikTok compilation videos and monetize it by gathering huge numbers of views and subscribers.

Above mentioned things can be considered as good ways to earn money from TikTok. If you really want to make good money from TikTok you should genuinely try these methods. And if you want to grow your TikTok account, we recommend you to read another article for the tips to grow TikTok account.

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