TikTok 2020: Get More Likes and Fans on TikTok

Ever wondered how people go viral on TikTok and even get featured in music videos and other huge platforms? It’s pretty much obvious that you think of how other people get lots of likes and followers on TikTok. We all know its not impossible thing to get viral through TikTok, right?

Well, TikTok is a fun app to use and also you can showcase your talent on TikTok. If you have a talent such as acting, singing, dancing, mimicry, and so on, you can advertise your talent there. Also, some people are famous on TikTok with there skills like photography, video editing, magic tricks, and so on. They become famous as they get lots of fan followers and likes on their videos.

Perhaps, from this article, you can know about the methods to get more genuine likes and followers on your TikTok profile. Here, are listed some guides and tips to gain more likes and more followers on TikTok without using any app and buying fake followers.

1. Create an Attractive Profile

Your profile must be attractive and eye-catchy. Your profile is the first essential thing that can attract more fans. You should upload a great profile picture or profile video of yourself or your brand(for business profile). Add some engaging text that concisely presents your personality. For instance, you can check out profiles of some famous TikTokers or those you admire most. Then you can create something similar for your profile as well.

2. Post Original Content

Try to be more original. People don’t like to see the same content that the majority of people are posting. Therefore, you need to show some originality and post content that stands out from the crowd. Also, you can create your own style or choose a genre that suits you. The unique personality of yours and your video will help garner followers.

3. Use Hashtags

Post your video with hashtags and make content that is going viral. From time to time you should use the hashtag feature. Find out which hashtag is going around, and upload your videos with same hashtags. But here also, add originality to the majority of your content. Anyone looking for content on the same viral topic or hashtag will be able to find you. These videos help you become more noticed and using the appropriate hashtag is a shortcut to popularity.

4. Upload videos consistently

On a daily basis, millions of people use TikTok to watch videos and to post videos as well. In this competitive world, you must be able to come up with your videos, not necessarily every day, but, you must set a schedule. Posting your videos once in a while won’t work out in collecting good numbers of followers. Instead, upload every other day or once in a week at least. But, make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of the content.

5. Choose Good Soundtrack

Choosing a good soundtrack refers to incorporating popular music that perfectly compliments your video. You can surf through soundtracks and choose from the TikTok library. TikTok provides us with an entire library of songs. However, you can choose your own songs or soundtracks too. It is better to try different soundtracks and choose the best-suited one to post.

6. Perform Duets

TikTok has a functionality that allows us to perform a duet with another user. Performing duets on TikTok is like teaming up to other users but with no need to meet face-to-face. You can allow others to perform a duet on your video. Also, you can perform a duet with other users. This is a great way to increase your fans as you can reach to a new group of people from that another TikTok user.

7. Interact with Fans

Interact with your fans. You can reply to your viewers’ comments. You can simply post a video asking questions to your viewers and followers. Overall, you and your videos must be interactive and fun. It is important to engage your audience. For instance, you can also comment on some videos of your fans or give them a shout out. If you like their videos you can even try promoting those.

8. Take on Challenges

Challenges get viral easily on TikTok so this is a good chance to get noticed by viewers. Some worldwide challenges are Skull breaker challenge, Ego challenge, Kill this love dance challenge, and so on. You should try to take on challenges that may be popular worldwide or within your locals. Now, while taking challenges on TikTok also use hashtags. Another important thing is to create unique content to compliment yourself.

9. Video Quality

Yes, video quality is also an important thing for gathering more views and fans on TikTok. As you realise, you prefer to watch videos with good quality rather than videos with poor quality. Some TikTok users actually use professional equipment to make their videos look perfect. But you may not afford to buy them, so what you should do is at least, use a good phone camera, get the good lightings and suitable background. You should also think about getting an external microphone to have good sound quality.

10. Collaborate

Collaborating with other users is a great way of socializing on TikTok. This can help you expand the number of followers. Try collaborating with other users who make similar contents and have similar numbers of followers as yours. Because the chances to collaborate with famous users are rare and it would be easy collaborating with someone just as famous as you. Although, you can try reaching out to someone already famous or more famous than you, maybe they accept it.

These are some tips to increase likes and followers on TikTok. Make sure you apply these tips, but you must know this won’t make you famous overnight. Keep patience and put good effort as we all know hard work pays off. Just in order to get huge numbers of followers don’t do the worst mistake that some people do by buying followers. Fake followers are of no value and they are just fake and phonies. Hopefully, you will get famous on TikTok someday with true fans and followers.

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