Famous Twins on TikTok and Their Interesting Facts

TikTok is claimed to become a new platform as this has given stardom to many of the once unknown people. This applies especially to GenZ. Many of the most popular figures on social media platforms like TikTok, has received the status of celebrity. Moreover, they are well beyond mega-celebrity in the eyes of their teen fans. Well, these TikTok stars found fame by creating short videos. The video clips can be either lip-syncing to sounds, showing off viral dances, choreographing own dances, crafting comedy skits, and showing off their own talent and creativity. Talking about the popularity of TikTok, it is well known to almost every teen and also to the elderlies too.

Some of these TikTok stars earned fame even before the platform got its new name as TikTok. Initially, TikTok was named Musical.ly. In fact, some of these TikTok stars racked millions of followers from Musical.ly. As announced by TikTok, the most followed TikToker of all-time is Charli D’Amelio. However, twins are not any less. Many twins are loved and adored by their fans. Now, getting into the main topic. Here are seven famous twins who have successfully amassed millions of followers only in this platform of TikTok.

#1 Lisa and Lena


Ohhh yeahhh… 🎶🦋

♬ Kissing Other People – Lennon Stella

Full Name: Lisa and Lena Manthler
Birthday:  17, 2002
TikTok ID: @lisaandlena
Fans on TikTok: 7.8M
Total Hearts: 131.4m

Lisa and Lena is a once top muser on Musical.ly and TikTok as well. They were active and popular since Musical.ly. Their TikTok account was the top-most followed before they deleted the account. Yeah! It’s true. They deleted the TikTok account in March 2019. Instead, they still were active on other social media platforms. After TikTok, these German twins found a new passion for YouTube and Instagram. Being said that, they rejoined TikTok with the same username on May 7, 2020. They were successful to rack up over 2.5 million followers and 12.6 million likes in just 24 hours of re-joining the app. They now have over 7.8 million followers on their new TikTok account. Whereas they had over 32.7M followers in their previous TikTok account. Well, they usually do lip-sync and dance videos.

Interesting facts! One thing you may not know about these German twins is, they were adopted when they were six months old.

#2 Stokes Twins


He had me in the first half, not gonna lie

♬ original sound – Stokes Twins

Full Name: Alan and Alex Stokes
Birthday:  23, 1996
TikTok ID: @stokestwins
Fans on TikTok: 24.8M
Total Hearts: 624.9m

Stokes Twins are not a new name you hear if you are a TikTok user. Their video, more than once, must have appeared on your screen. They both are Instagram stars with their individual accounts with over 4M followers. They also have a joint YouTube channel. Need not say, they post short videos on TikTok promoting their YouTube channel. They make comedy skits most of the time both on TikTok and Youtube.

Interesting facts! They are half Chinese and half American. Although, their nationality is American. Alan is older than Alex by a little under 2 minutes. One of the Stokes Twins, Alex nearly died after his appendix ruptured in early 2019. Fortunately, he has recovered well.

#3 Lucas and Marcus – Dobre Twins


He was so mad 😂

♬ Woah – KRYPTO9095

Full Name: Lucas and Marcus Dobre
Birthday:  28, 1999
TikTok ID: @dobretwins
Fans on TikTok: 24.1M
Total Hearts: 692m

Dobre Twins are popular not only in TikTok but on other social media platforms. They are ruling over Instagram and YouTube as well. They are both dancers. Even so, when you go through their TikTok videos, they are mostly seen to pull off pranks on each other and others too. They have two older brothers, Cyrus and Darius. Their brothers are also YouTube stars. Lucas and Marcus collaborate with their elder brothers on the Youtube channel Dobre Brothers.

Interesting Facts! These Dobre twins first gained fame on the 6-second video app Vine. That was for their Twinbitz Vine account. Their mother is a World Champion gymnast Aurelia Dobre.

#4 Twin Melody


IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY 🎁❤️🎉ES NUESTRO CUMPLEAÑOS 😊✨ Follow us/Seguidnos en Insta,Yt: twin_melody #birthday #foryou

♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri

Full Name: Aitana and Paula Etxeberria
Birthday:  10, 1997
TikTok ID: @twinmelody
Fans on TikTok: 13.7M
Total Hearts: 308.9M

Twin Melody are famous twins from Spain. They are singers, YouTubers, and TikTokers. They seem to follow the trends. On their TikTok, they keep on posting trending challenges and dances. In addition to it, they also promote their YouTube channel via TikTok posts. They usually make dance and lip-sync videos and most of which are on the trend list. These beautiful twin sisters show the best and fun life of their own.

Interesting Facts! These Spanish twins appeared to cause a sensation on YouTube in the year 2014. They performed cover songs to renowned songs by Adele, Whiz Khalifa, Ed Sheeran, and other pop artists. They began walking over the internet since then.

#5 The Rybka Twins


Who else finds themselves doing this dance trend a million times a day!? 😅🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️💃🏼 #savagelove #guilty #dancetrend #acro #jasonderulo

♬ Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

Full Name: Sam and Teegan Rybka
Birthday:  22, 1995
TikTok ID: @rybkatwinsofficial
Fans on TikTok: 11.5M
Total Hearts: 307.8M

The Rybka twins are acrobat athletes and dancers from Australia. No wonder they amaze their fans and viewers on TikTok with their killer acrobat and dance moves. They usually do dance videos and show off their acrobatic talents on TikTok. Moreover, these twins also perform lip-sync and transition videos too.

Interesting Facts! Sam and Teegan competed alongside each other on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013. Teegan has also performed in front of Kyle Sandilands on Australia’s got talent. The Rybka twins competed against their sisters in the ‘Extreme Yoga Challenge’. The so video became their first video to surpass 10M views.



OUR NEW SONG ITS OUT NOW! Do this dance and let’s make it a trend #foryoupage (official video link in bio)

♬ Paraíso – Martinez Twins

Full Name: Emilio and Ivan Martinez
Birthday: May 10, 1999
TikTok ID: @martineztwins
Fans on TikTok: 7.5M
Total Hearts: 89.6M

Martinez’s twin brothers are social media influencers. Both of them surpassed over 7M followers in their individual Instagram account. Both of them collaboratively run a YouTube channel ‘Martinez Twins”. One of the twins, Emilio Martinez also runs his own successful, self-titled YouTube channel. Their TikTok videos are all about cool dance and the fun challenges they do. Check out their TikTok yourself to see how handsome they are and how their smile is so bewitching.

Interesting Facts! The Martinez twins were raised in Barcelona. They decided to move back to Spain after living in Los Angeles. The twins grew in popularity through making content as part of Team 10 which they left in Nov 2017. They recently released their new official MV, ‘Paraiso’, in April. It has already reached 1M views on YouTube as of June 2020.

#7 Twinny Girls – Prisma Princy


Aaja voli mayakai jhalkole nindrai laaxaina😉 #shirma_sirphool_song #Nepaligirls 🇳🇵

♬ original sound – Prisma_Princy👭

Full Name: Prisma and Princy Khatiwada
Birthday: Oct 6, 1999
TikTok ID: @twinny__girls
Fans on TikTok: 6.4M
Total Hearts: 50.9M

The Twinny girls also known as Prisma Princy are the popular TikTok stars from Nepal. They have recently launched a joint YouTube channel as well. After their popularity grew on TikTok, they adopted a new profession of modeling. They are popularly known for their cute, innocent looks and soft personality. On TikTok, they are primarily famous for comedy video clips, lip-syncs, and sync dance. Check out their TikTok profile to watch more of their enchanting sync dances and smile.

Interesting Facts! These charming twin sisters have earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian. They never fail to bring ‘Nepali Tadka’ and style to their videos. They are especially adored in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh other than Nepal. Unlike most of the TikTok stars, these twins earned fame initially from TikTok.

Well, these well all about some of the famous twins on TikTok. Indeed, these are not a limited one. There are many more twins popular on this platform but unfortunately are missed here. Just to remind you, the data and numbers mentioned above may vary to some extent as the date changes along.

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